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7 Reasons You Should Use Coloring Books More Often ...

By Michelle

Coloring books are great no matter how you look at it. I strongly believe you should use them more often. The benefits and minimal time required each day make coloring books a pretty good pastime. No matter your age, you should start coloring today!

1 Therapeutic

Coloring books are therapeutic, so you might consider adding them to your daily routine. When you color, your mind doesn’t do anything challenging, which provides a rest from the normal strain of stress and distractions. I have a coloring book that I’m working through and eager to complete. It’s great for me to pull out when my anxiety is getting the better of me or I want to cry.

2 Boosts Creativity

When you color, your motor cortex recognizes movement and alerts the frontal lobe, where your personality is, to relax. You almost switch over to auto-pilot in a manner of speaking. This allows your creativity to thrive. You get a similar effect when you take a shower or drive and then are inspired with great ideas.

3 Bonding

Coloring books provide the perfect way to bond. I like to color with the kids I babysit. I’ve also taken advantage of coloring with friends both in college and high school. Senior year, my friends and I spent our study hall coloring in Disney coloring books. It was great! Plus, you can share your work with one another or simply have a good time coloring and devouring junk food with your buddies.

4 Fun

Coloring is loads of fun! You can turn on music and just unwind after a long day. I recommend coloring at night but feel free to do it whenever you want. It’s great for plane rides and long car rides. Adding it into trips like these can help alleviate any traveler’s anxiety. If you color with friends or loved ones, it can even become a social event. Sure, it’s no party but it’s definitely something to do on a rainy day.

5 Create Something

You create something beautiful when you color. It doesn’t necessarily need to be in the lines, as any three-year-old will show you. It doesn’t need to be colored the correct color because there isn’t one. Sure, you may be tempted to color Winnie the Pooh yellow but that is only one interpretation of him. I just colored him blue the other day for the heck of it. Whatever you want, you can create it. All you have to do is color!

6 Focus

If you have difficulty focusing on one task because of your anxiety or a developmental disability, coloring will help you harness your energy. When you use coloring books, there isn’t much to do except color and think of which crayon to choose next. I have an anxiety disorder and so coloring books really help me focus on something positive rather than get wrapped into my thoughts. You may use it when you have urges to engage in self-destructive behavior or just need to focus on something.

7 Creative

You are bound to think creatively whenever you are doing any art project. It could be coloring on blank paper or simply following the pictures in coloring books. Whatever works for you. But creativity helps you develop new ways to approach problems, strengthens your critical thinking and translates into a healthier lifestyle with positive coping skills. It’s time to get creative!

Coloring books are so much fun, it’s no wonder why kids and adults like them. What are some coloring book themes that you enjoy coloring? Have you ever completed a coloring book? Are you up to the challenge?

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