Here's Why It's Great to Be a Curvy Girl ...


Here's Why It's Great to Be a Curvy Girl ...
Here's Why It's Great to Be a Curvy Girl ...

If you're a curvy girl, you probably already know how great it is. But we all need a little reminder now and again, so I've compiled this list of just a few reasons why being curvy is cool.

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Your Kids!

Your Kids! Did you know kids whose moms are curvy in the hips and thighs actually have higher IQs? How cool is that?


You'll Live Longer

You'll Live Longer Curvy girls actually live a little longer than their stick-thin counterparts, and are at less of a risk for heart disease. So the next time someone tries to give you that "curves aren't healthy" crap, feel free to tell them to STFU.


No Padding Required

No Padding Required Padded bras and jeans? Please. For curvy girls, that's just plain silliness.



Finally I shouldn't have to say this, but here goes: after years of the Kate Moss waif look, it's finally okay to be curvy. Not that it ever wasn't okay, but it's nice to see models with curves, too, just for a little self-esteem boost.


Men Love It

Men Love It You sure don't need a man's attention to be okay with your body, but it helps to know that according to research, men do prefer women with curves.


While your self-worth should never be tied to anyone else's approval, it's an added bonus to learn that many men are naturally drawn to the softness and shape of a curvy figure. This appreciation spans across different cultures too, indicating perhaps an evolutionary preference for a body type suggestive of health and fertility. So go ahead and flaunt what you've got—chances are it's exactly what some are looking for. Remember, confidence is the key, and when you're feeling good in your own skin, it's an irresistible trait to all.



Jeans For you curvy girls, EVERY pair of jeans can be your "good bootie" jeans.


The Hugs, Oh the Hugs

The Hugs, Oh the Hugs Curvy girls give the best hugs, period.


There's just this unspoken warmth and comfort that comes with wrapping your arms around a curvy body. Those extra inches of softness seem to embody affection and foster a sense of security that's simply unmatched. Whether it's a friendly squeeze or a long, loving embrace, the sensation feels like a cosy blanket on a chilly evening. It's as if every curve is designed to fit perfectly in the contours of a hug. So get ready to spread some love, because those hugs aren't just good—they're memory-making magical moments.


The Cleavage

The Cleavage Eff that dress code: curvy girls have the best cleavage and it's a shame to keep it covered all the time. It's gorgeous!


The Saunter

The Saunter Thinner girls can strut too, but there's nothing like a curvy girl's hippy saunter.

So what other benefits of being booty-licious can you share? Do tell!

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It was never not okay to be fat. What isn't okay is that now, those people are taking it out on thinner women. This "pro-curves" body positivity movement is actually just women being butt hurt that they aren't skinny.

I meant ceeaye

Yes, there is a huge difference between being curvy and being overweight. Curvy is a body type of a woman who portrays on hourglass shape regardless of Body weight or size. Being over weight it's the amount of fat all over your body. People need to stop trying to blurring those two words together to make people feel better. I Believe you can be healthy no matter how big and small you are, BUT just like it's unhealthy be to anorexic it's also just as unhealthy to be obese.

Just as we shouldn't glamorise underweight people we shouldn't glamorise overweight people either. I'm sorry but curvy and overweight are different things

I agree with Celeste

Im sorry but I absolutely hate that model in the pic for the article. She's praising her weight which us severly obese. it shouldn't matter what size you are as long as you are healthy which she clearly isnt

It depends what you mean by curvy...

You should really take the time to look up the science behind these things rather than aggressively spewing facts in an ignorant manner. It detracts from your argument.

Being curvy is beautifull, overweight isnt.

tess holliday is not curvy 😑

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