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17 Quotes about How Mature Ladies Handle Themselves ...

By Holly

You should always strive to remain classy, even when you're stuck in a crappy situation. You don't want to end up looking like a slob or a scumbag when you're trying to appear adorable and elegant. In order to come across the way you want, here are a few quotes about how a mature lady handles herself:

1 Be a Lady

Be a LadyYou don't deserve to be treated poorly by immature boys. Wait for a real man to come along. He's the type of partner you deserve.

2 Curse like a Sailor

Curse like a SailorLadies are allowed to curse, you know. Dropping the F bomb doesn't make you any less elegant. Everybody does it.


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3 Respect Lasts Longer

Respect Lasts LongerDon't believe the lie about any attention being good attention. You don't want everyone to know your name for the wrong reasons.

4 Ladies Attract Gentleman

Ladies Attract GentlemanIf you want a man to treat you the right way, then you need to treat him right, too. It's only fair. After all, you get what you give.

5 You Don't Have to Say It

You Don't Have to Say ItIf you're a lady, then everyone will know it. They'll be able to see it right away. You won't have to tell them about how classy you are in order for them to realize it.

6 Loose Clothes

Loose ClothesAccording to Marilyn, you should wear clothes that fit you just the right way. Don't wear anything too loose or too tight.

7 Know when to Stop

Know when to StopThere's a time and a place for everything. Examine your situation before you let certain words slip out of your mouth, so you never act inappropriately.

8 Don't Compete with Other Women

Don't Compete with Other WomenLife isn't actually a competition. You should love your fellow women. You don't have to fight them.

9 Play Hard to Forget

Play Hard to ForgetDating games will drive you crazy. That's why you should stop playing hard to get.

10 Think like a Boss

Think like a BossClimb to the top of your career ladder. A real lady is capable of anything.

11 Take the High Road

Take the High RoadRevenge might seem like your best option, but it never is. Stay classy and get your revenge by living the best life you possibly can.

12 Walk Away from Bad Situations

Walk Away from Bad SituationsIf you're stuck in a bad situation, you don't have to get into an argument. You can just walk away. It'll make you feel better.

13 Speak Less than You Know

Speak Less than You KnowYou don't have to constantly talk to prove how smart you are. You can hold some things back.

14 Woman with a Mind

Woman with a MindYou can be all of those things at once. In fact, it's what you should be.

15 Respect Yourself

Respect YourselfYou can't get love from others until you learn to love yourself. It's the same with respect. You need to have it for yourself before you can get it from everybody else.

16 An Attitude

An AttitudeWhat is a lady, exactly? It's a woman with the right attitude.

17 Be a King

Be a KingIt doesn't matter that you're a woman. You can still be a King.

Follow the advice up above, because it'll make your life a whole lot easier. It'll also improve your reputation, because everyone will start thinking of you as a classy woman. Do you consider yourself to be a mature lady?

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