This is Why It's Better to Be a Bossy Girl ...


When did "bossy" become a bad word? Being bossy, otherwise known as "assertive," is actually a very good thing, and I'd love to tell you why. Here are a few of the reasons it's better to be a bossy girl.

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You'll Stand out at Work

You'll Stand out at Work In an office full of women (and men) who blandly blend in, you'll stand out for being more confident and assertive, and that makes you promotion material.


You'll Get What You Want

You'll Get What You Want What better way to get what you want than to just ask for it, and then make it happen yourself? Being assertive takes a lot of the guesswork and chance out of getting exactly what you want.


No One Will Walk on You

No One Will Walk on You Part of being assertive and bossy is learning how to say "no." And once people know you're not afraid to say "no," they're a lot less likely to treat you like a doormat.


People Are Drawn to You

People Are Drawn to You In your work life and in your relationships and friendships, you'll notice people are just drawn to you when you're more assertive. Everyone loves a strong, confident woman!


It Reduces Stress

It Reduces Stress This may sound counter-intuitive, but it's so true: when you're a bit bossy, you'll cope with stress like it's nothing. It's likely because you've learned to say "no" so you're managing your time better, but it may also be because you just DGAF what people think of you.


It Improves Communication

It Improves Communication If you're just up front and direct about what you want and what you're doing, there's bound to be a lot less confusion and mixed signals. You'll be an outstanding communicator!


It's Good for Your Self-esteem!

It's Good for Your Self-esteem! It's not easy to make the transition from passive to assertive, but once you do, you'll notice something wonderful: you've boosted your self-esteem! Hooray!

So hands up, bossy babes! What are the other perks of being (just a little) pushy?

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My mom and her family used to call me Angelica (from the rugrats) because I was so bossy as a kid 😂

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