7 Quirky Pet Names That Help Your Pet Stand out ...

Quirky pet names always make me smile. It’s so fun to hear cats and dogs being named something fun and original. There’s nothing wrong with traditional pet names like Fido, Fluffy and whatnot, but there’s something sweet about giving a pet a name that helps them stand out. I haven’t had many pets as an adult, but it was truly tough coming up with an original name that I wouldn’t be embarrassed to shout around the neighborhood if I needed to. Here are some quirky pet names that might inspire you.

1. Chew Barka

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This one comes courtesy of petinsurance.com. What a fun name if you’re a Star Wars fan. It rolls off the tongue pleasingly and won’t make you sound like you’re insane if your puppy gets out and you have to search for him. Chew Barka tops my list of quirky pet names because it’s cute and fun without being bizarre. I think it’s the perfect pick for a brown, furry dog.

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