7 'Pink' Activities to Celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness Month ...


7 'Pink' Activities to Celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness Month ...
7 'Pink' Activities to Celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness Month ...

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the time of year when the breast cancer awareness campaign is taken up a level. Activities are organized to spread the news about a matter that so many are still reluctant to discuss. There are several pink activities that happens during Breast Cancer Awareness Month which you can join to know more about this type of cancer and experience the strong bond that its supporters, advocates and sufferers share with each other. Here are some of these activities:

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Last year, one of the activities organized in Cebu, Philippines to celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness Month was a fun walk called Moonwalk that started at 5:00 p.m. Participants were encouraged to wear their pinkest costumes. Spearheaded by the Ramon Aboitiz Foundation, Inc., Moonwalk 2013 was a "unique collective advocacy for Breast Cancer Awareness campaign focused on early screening and detection of breast cancer through monthly breast self-examination and mammography, especially for women aged 20 and beyond."


Party in Pink

Another one I really love - and looks really fun - is a zumbathon. With a tagline that says "Party in Pink", it really is a creative way to raise awareness about the disease. I found this website zumba.com, where people can donate to research about breast cancer awareness prevention. Check it out! You might be interested to join the campaign.


Online Information and Education Campaign

Breastcancerindia.net says that India is witnessing an age shift among women developing breast cancer: from 50-70 years old to 30-50 years. It's alarming. The website lists awareness campaigns and support groups, and has materials and resources that can be readily accessed by anyone who wants to know about breast cancer.


Style and Fashion Shows

Oh, how I love this! It's very empowering to see breast cancer survivors strutting their stuff on the runway. In the US, I love the Simply Pink style show. It's amazing to witness how they manage to survive such a huge blow in their health, family life, and professional career. I personally know two women who won the fight against breast cancer and I can say that they are living examples that being alive is a wonderful blessing.


Breast Talks

It was one uneventful afternoon. It was a slow day for most journalists and I got a call from my friend who said that a famous actor in the Philippines is speaking in a Breast Cancer Awareness forum. "What is he doing there?" I asked. It turns out that the actor's mother has breast cancer, something that he doesn't talk much about. My friend said it was an inspiring afternoon for everyone.


Paint the Town Pink

For a month, at least, ditch red and embrace your "pinkness". When I was still living in Cebu, Philippines, major landmarks are painted pink to mark the Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I think it's a great move to increase awareness about breast cancer. People who don't know about it will ask the question: "Why are the street lanes painted in pink?"


Support Groups

We see a breast cancer survivor and we say: "Wow, she is so strong!" But what most of us do not realize is the presence of the person's family members and support groups, who helped her (or him! Men can get breast cancer too!) fight the disease and all the physical, mental and emotional struggles that come with it. You can easily search online and look for support groups which you can join and volunteer with.

Any other activities do you have in mind to celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness Month?

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