Fun Things to do on Thanksgiving for People Who Want Serious Family Fun ...


Fun Things to do on Thanksgiving for People Who Want Serious Family Fun  ...
Fun Things to do on Thanksgiving for People Who Want Serious Family Fun  ...

There are several family activities for Thanksgiving Day you should highly consider. For the most part, this holiday usually involves the same old routine—eating, mingling with loved ones, and then falling asleep from a full stomach. You should definitely spice up your turkey day this year and try something new and entertaining. Take a look at nine family activities for Thanksgiving Day and decided for yourself which ones sound like the best pastime.

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Go to a Parade

Parades are definitely one of many fun activities for Thanksgiving Day. If you can make it to the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, good for you! It's most people's dying wish to attend one of the biggest holiday events filled with big balloons, marching bands, and festive performances. However, there are always local parades happening in your area before or during Thanksgiving Day. So, ask around or look online for a parade that would be suitable for your friends and family.


Have a Family Walk

Get to know each other a little better! Yeah, I know it may seem cheesy, but it's truly not. The holidays are a time where families reunite after months apart, whether some were away at college or just live in a completely different state. Therefore, this may be the perfect occasion to go for a little stroll around your favorite park and partake in some in-depth conversations.


Do a Photo Shoot

Invest in a decent inexpensive camera and snap a few photos around the house. You don't have to hire a professional to do this when you can do it on your own for free. Set up a little area outside in the backyard and invite your guests to take individual or group Thanksgiving Day pictures free-of-charge. This is a great opportunity to build lasting memories. Be creative and have fun.


Share Goodies with Neighbors

Bake some yummy cookies or miniature pies and pass them out to your fellow neighbors. This act of kindness may just brighten someone's day. You never know who may be alone during the holidays, so gather your family member up and show people that you all care by sharing some tasty treats with them.


Read Stories to Each Other

Instead of watching movies or TV, find short stories online or in a bookstore that relates to Thanksgiving Day. Read them aloud as entertainment. Pass the readings around the room so that everyone gets involved. Make sure that the stories provide a profound message or life lesson that will be of some interest to everyone.



Why not put in a little time of giving this year by volunteering at a local soup kitchen or food bank? For me personally, giving back to my community is always a humbling and rewarding experience. When it comes to hunger, no one should be denied the basic right to food—especially during this time of year. So, donate those unused cans you never plan on using or volunteer to serve meals to the homeless. This will be a great bonding moment for you and your family.


Scavenger Hunt for Pumpkins

We're obviously all used to egg hunts during Easter, but take the same concept for Thanksgiving Day and hide little pumpkins around the inside and outside the house. Make it even more exciting by packing plastic store-bought pumpkins with goodies or even money. This will definitely get both the younger kids and older adults involved in the activity.


Play Board Games

Keep yourself and your guests occupied with a few select board games. There's nothing like a little one-on-one competition to break the ice. This activity will keep everyone engaged and occupied. One game in particular, Turkey Bingo (, is a great game to consider if you really want to get in the spirit of the holidays.


Play the Give Thanks Game

Lastly, there is another game that could possibly liven up the evening. After eating everyone should play the Give Thanks game. This is one of those games I randomly made up one year. What you do is bring an item representing whatever you're thankful for, and people around the table have to figure out the meaning behind it. Whoever guesses right is awarded that item. Make sure the item is creative and treasurable!

Forget about prepping for Black Friday for once and focus completely on spending time with your loved ones. This is a time to be thankful for what you do have instead of longing for the things that you don't. Make this Thanksgiving Day a day to remember! What are some other activities you plan to do for Thanksgiving Day? What is usually your favorite thing to do on this holiday other than eating?

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