7 Most Annoying and Common Pet Peeves We Have to Deal with ...


When you are having a bad day, certain most common pet peeves can really throw you over the edge. It's interesting how very small details can bother us so much. Pet peeves are minor annoyances that an individual may find highly bothersome, to a greater degree than others. It's something that we can't really control! Here are some common pet peeves that you might find applies to you!

1. Mouth Noises

One of the most common pet peeves is mouth noises. Here you are having a nice lunch in a tranquil and serene atmosphere when you hear constant loud smacking and chewing. You look around and eye the person who is making the noise, but it is as if they are clueless about what is going on! Personally the noises drive me insane to the point when I sometimes have to remove myself from that situation and find another place to eat. Now I understand why my mother always tells me to eat with my mouth shut! Loud gum chewers and food smackers stop the noise!

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