15 Misconceptions about Feminine Lesbians ...


From pop culture to Gay Pride Parades, misconceptions about feminine lesbians abound. As a lesbian with a penchant for booties and lip gloss, it can be tough to put tired old stereotypes about my identity to rest. But it can be done! Here are 15 misconceptions about feminine lesbians I’ve personally encountered (and countered).

1. Feminine Lesbians Are Going through a Phase

This is one of the top misconceptions about feminine lesbians and one that many of you have probably heard, whether lesbian-identified or not. When I first came out as a lesbian, most people in my life were a bit shocked. Far from being a sporty tomboy (I could barely hit a volleyball over the net), I was the princess-loving, straight-looking girly girl everyone thought would go for a guy. In fact, it took several years and one engagement for certain family members to realize that my lesbianism is permanent.

Feminine Lesbians Are Superficial
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