8 Hot Shows for Women on ABC ...


8 Hot Shows for Women on ABC ...
8 Hot Shows for Women on ABC ...

I've never been a big television fanatic, but sometimes a girl just needs to take her mind off life and indulge in a few shows for women once a week. When my brain won’t stop or I’m just in the mood for a harmless, guilty pleasure, there are 8 shows I love on ABC that are hot for women right now. Though they aren't exclusively for women, they are extremely popular among female viewers with good reason. One night a week, take your mind off work, and go to abc.go.com to check out all the recent episodes online of these shows for women so you don't have to tune in during the week off and on when they're on. Have yourself a mini-marathon of shows for yourself or with friends. Pop a little popcorn or fix yourself a nice dinner and indulge in some quality mindless pleasure time with these 8 shows for women. You can go to ABC.com to find when each of these shows airs and when their season begins or ends.

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The Bachelor

The Bachelor is one of the top shows for women that come with no surprise. With hot guys filling the role of The Bachelor, it’s nice to watch someone else go through a little tough love and see all of it wrap up with the typical fairytale ending. The Bachelor chooses from a large group of women to find his perfect soul mate, and though it seems too good to be true to find love on television, most contestants actually do. I always enjoy watching how different each woman is with The Bachelor. You can actually learn a good bit about how NOT to act in a relationship on this show. From cat fights between contestants to one-on-one dates with plenty of romance, there is plenty to enjoy in this show.



A personal favorite of mine is the television show, Revenge. This show is all about dedication, deception and ultimately a lesson on how every action we do has a powerful effect on our lives and the lives of others. Emily Thorne is the main character who lost her father at a young age due to dirty crimes involving a rich family in the Hamptons, known as The Graysons. Emily, whose actual name is Amanda Clarke, spends her whole life playing the role of someone else in disguise to create a plan to seek ultimate revenge on The Graysons for her father’s death. A seductive web of lies, deceit and harm lead Emily to discover what true love is and how the power of grief and loss can drive you to do unimaginable things for vengeance of the people you love. I personally love this show as it has taught me how to be stronger as a woman in ways that are sometimes hard but necessary for survival.That seems kind of crazy to learn such a thing from a television show, but I try to take the good that I can out of television however possible! This show is a must-watch if you want good, nail-biting suspense with plenty of drama, but without boring violence and fight scenes from typical shows of the like.


The Bachelorette

The opposite of the Bachelor, The Bachelorette is an even better show for women in my book. Instead of one guy to gush over all season, the roles are reversed and you have as many as 25 guys to gush over from the beginning of the season to the final 2 contestants in the last show. One girl decides between each guy to find the one that is right for her, in hopes of finding her future husband. Many past contestants on The Bachelor actually become The Bachelorette, which is always interesting. If you’re looking for some entertainment and a little romance, this show is a must-watch.



This show is crazy hot and addictive, ladies. It features the fantastic actress Kerry Washington, who plays a powerful role in the White House’s top secret government issues, while working for herself as a stand-alone firm to cover up secrets in order to protect innocent people . Olivia has dedicated her life to protecting and defending the public images of the nation's elite and keeping those secrets under wraps. This show is in no way boring like many other government shows and constantly keeps you on your toes. It also has a seductive love story as the background theme between the President and Olivia. As she struggles to maintain her tough, career woman status dedicated to finding the truth behind deceptive crimes which usually involve the government, she also struggles to listen to her heart and follow true love. This show is hard-core and extremely addictive. I definitely recommend it as one of the top shows for women.


Grey's Anatomy

If you haven’t caught onto the hype of this popular show, then it’s time to change that. This show is based on a team of doctors that don’t only have dedicated medical careers, but passionate personal lives as well. With many unique characters, this show is humorous, real, thought-provoking, and insightful. With suspense in the medical room to an intriguing story with each of their personal lives, these doctors create a powerful bond of friendship and learn invaluable experiences from each other in and out of hospital doors.


Red Widow

Can you imagine what it would be like to lead a double life after the conspiracy death of your husband and have a child throughout the whole process? This show is based on that exact story of a woman who chooses to lead her whole life as someone else just to find out the truth behind her husband’s death. With an intriguing story and constant suspense, this show is not to be missed.



You do not have to like country music or be southern to fall in love with this show fast. Nashville is quite possibly one of the best television drama shows related to real-life issues, which is led through the lives of popular country singer celebrities featured as the head cast. Love, deception, lies and striving to reach success are all part of life and are the top issues the cast of this show faces. With an intriguing love story web and lessons that we can learn from one another, this show will leave you surprised at the end of every episode. I highly recommend watching Nashville if you haven’t yet.



This show has technically not aired yet, but when it does, I can suspect it will be a total hit among female viewers. If any show is made for women, this one looks to be it. Mistresses is a new show premiering on ABC in May 2013 that forms a story between 4 friends who each struggle with relationship, career and personal issues, just like us gals in real life. It is described as seductive, alluring, dramatic and authentic, and seems to be a show that won’t be just another trashy show featuring rich socialites who know nothing about real life. Mistresses is a tale involving 4 completely different women who lead separate lives, yet are formed together due to a secretive bond, deceptive lies, and ultimate friendship that keeps them bound together. This show is also from the same creators of Revenge, so I suspect it will be a fantastic show for women.

If you’re looking for any new shows to watch, or you're just tired of surfing the web every night before bed, check out ABC.com to zone out once or twice a week and watch some of these shows for women. Though you might not like all of them, I’m sure out of these 8 shows, you’ll fall in love with one of them. Trust me, as someone who hardly ever watches television, I’m always sorry if I don’t get to catch up on most of these shows. What are your favorite shows to watch?

Sources: beta.abc.go.com

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I'm a diehard Grey's Anatomy fan. I have seen every single episode. From 8-9PM on Thursday nights, no one is allowed to talk. Lol

Castle is awesome!

I have watched Scandal from day 1. The plot twists have you yelling at the TV! And I got to meet Mr Goldwyn to tell him how much we love the show & his relationship with Ms Washington. Now with Mr Foley in the mix, it's gonna get messy! In a great way!

Love all of those shows, but you forgot Castle!:)

What about Lost Girl? Or Grimm?

Revenge and Nashville are amazing! I'm so addicted. watched them both from day 1 and have been telling everyone to watch!

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