9 Interesting Things You'll Never Change about a Woman ...


9 Interesting Things You'll Never Change about a Woman ...
9 Interesting Things You'll Never Change about a Woman ...

Intelligent women know they can’t change their partners no matter how hard they would try and also, that in fact, there are a lot of interesting things you’ll never change about a woman either. We may not always be pleased with all the things our better half does, but you shouldn’t try to change anyone against their will. The best way to make a difference is to make them wanna change something about the way they think or behave. So, I’ve learned that wanting to change your significant other after your good will is definitely a big mistake that everyone should avoid doing in every relationship. We do know women are pretty stubborn, so for your information, here are a few things you’ll never change about a woman:

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Women Make Lists

Among the things you’ll never change about a woman, I believe this is definitely the most important because no one could make a woman renounce this world renown habit. We like to keep things organized and lists are the best way to do it. It’s so much easier to remember things when you write them down! So, no matter how much we annoy by always bringing different lists with us, we will never give up on making them, so men will just have to get used to it.


We Love Shoes and Accessories

I know most men don’t get this pretty expensive hobby of ours, but they should try to understand that just like they love to spend time with the guys, drink a couple of beers, play some video-games or buy all kinds of tools they'll never use, we love shoes and accessories too. It’s pretty much just like a hobby. We love nice things so men should stop arguing with us if we buy ourselves another pair of fabulous shoes, just because we already have plenty to wear.


Compliment Us when We Look Good!

Every woman likes to be complimented when she looks good or when she wears something new that she absolutely adores. No woman would like to be told that she looks a bit tired or that she gained a couple of pounds, so men shouldn't think that they're doing us a favor by pointing this out. We are already aware of that and men only make things worse pointing it out to us. So, men should compliment us more often and help us believe in ourselves, if we feel a bit insecure.


Women like to Make Plans

Women will always like to make plans, no matter if it’s about the little things like paying our bills, doing the laundry or going to shopping or it’s about planning our next year’s vacation abroad. We like to plan because we like to keep things organized. If men wanna make some changes in our plans, they should tell us early, so we would be able to make the necessary changes.


We Have Our Favorite Side of the Bed

Maybe men don’t get that, but most women have a favorite bed side we like to sleep on every single night ever since we were little girls. No-one should never ever, under any circumstances, try to change that! We won’t get any quality sleep and we won’t feel rested in the morning. It's not worth trying to understand why. It's just to be accepted and respected.


Most of the Times We Mean Yes

I know that most women often say no without remorse, but you may be surprised to find out that in fact when we say no, most times we actually mean yes. Also, “Leave!” means “Stay.”” and “Leave me alone!” can mean “Come and make things better again!”. We just don’t like to admit when we are upset and we would like men to try harder to make us feel better.


We like a Clean Kitchen

Every woman likes to have a clean kitchen before she goes to bed, so men shouldn't insist in making us postpone different chores we have to do around the house, for the next morning. If we get up and see the kitchen looking like after a nuclear disaster and the sink full of dirty dishes, we will feel grumpy all day and we won’t be able to focus on the beautiful things that surround us because we would have to take care of the things we didn’t do the day before.


We Have to Look Good before We Go out

Understand that every woman likes to look good when she goes out, whether it’s to a fancy dinner or whether she’s just going to buy something from the store across your street. So, men should stop always hurrying us up, because looking good equals feeling good about ourselves. Men should try to accept that and move on, there are so many more things to do than making us leave the house without paying attention to the way we look.


We like to Tell Other People What to do

Well, I’m not that sure if this is generally valid for all the women out there or maybe it’s just me, but as far as I’ve seen, most women love to tell other people what to do or how to behave in certain situations. We might be annoying sometimes, but men must know that we intend well, so don’t be upset if we offer them some unwanted advice. We wanna help them because we care about them and their needs and we only wanna see them happy.

I’m sure there are a lot of things no-one could change about a woman. Have I missed a few? Please help me out and tell me what those things might be!

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Mostly true. Not so sure about making the list but everything else is right on the money!!!

I don\'t have a favorite side of the bed because my bed is a twin xl

Really? As a woman, I felt that this was a perfect way to stereotype our gender and make men sound like such unsympathetic, incompetent pigs. If a man were to say \"just deal with such and such a fact,\" women would be up in arms in how sexist it is. What have you done to compliment your man to deserve a compliment in return? This article seems like it was written by someone who is so high maintenance.

Very true list indeed!!

Spot on!

I don\'t agree with over half this list


So true!!

Soooooo true

Yes this is mostly true

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