5 Key Considerations when Buying a Student Laptop ...


5 Key Considerations  when Buying a Student Laptop ...
5 Key Considerations  when Buying a Student Laptop ...

Unless you are some sort of serious gamer or filmmaker, it would be fair to say that there isn’t much point in having a big desktop computer these days. Why spend money on something that locks you to one single location when you could be doing everything you want, wherever you want, with a great laptop? The problem is, though, that there are so many different specifications for laptops that it can be hard to know which one will suit your needs the best. When you are a student, you need something that is going to cater to your specific needs. To make it a little more simple for you, here are five key considerations when buying a student laptop.

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Battery Life

You can’t plug your laptop in when you are at class or in a lecture, so you want to make sure that the battery life on your chosen model is going to get you through a day of learning and then maybe some extra work and revision on the way home.


Processing Power

If you are a media or arts student, then you need a computer with enough processing power to handle all of your software and programmes. It goes like this, the higher the RAM, the more power you are going to get.



You’re a student who is going to be taking the laptop from one location to the next all the time, so you need to know that it is going to last the distance! Durability is a big factor so make sure you pick something sturdy and solidly built.



You want it to be sturdy, but you don’t want it to be so heavy that carrying it around causes you problems. Remember that whatever you buy, you are going to have to have it on your back as you travel from classroom to dorm room every single day.



You don’t want to be all work and no play! Make sure that your laptop has a big enough hard drive to cope with all of your music and media collections because bingeing those old episodes of Friends is sometimes what you are going to need to make it through the all-nighter in the school library!

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