7 Incredible Ways to Be an Awesome Aunt ...


The moment I saw this precious little pink bundle in my brother’s arms, I knew I needed to find some ways to be an awesome aunt. As I gazed at her in amazement, I wondered what exactly does it take to be an incredible aunt rather than a mediocre one. So as I embrace my new role as an aunt, I wanted to share with you 7 ways to be an awesome aunt that I discovered.

1. Be Involved in Her Life

One of the most important ways to be an awesome aunt is to be involved in her life. Make time to hang out with her so you have Auntie-Niece bonding time. If she’s new to the world like my neice, this means get to know her as she learns how to master life outside of the womb. At this point, she may do nothing else but grasp my thumb with her tiny hand as I feed her, but it's these kind of moments that create the foundation of an awesome aunt.

Have Sleepovers
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