How to Make a Great Start as New Roomies ...


Being new roomies is an exciting chapter. It can also be a little bit scary. You don’t know if you’re sharing with someone who turns out to be Single White Female or someone who becomes a BFF. At the very least you want rooming to be a hassle-free, easy-going arrangement, where you both have your space but enjoy the benefits of sharing. That all starts with getting off on the right foot.

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Figure out a Budget Together

sculpture, statue, religion, We all like to spend money, but make sure that you and your roomie are on the same page when it comes to sharing the expenses of communal things like utilities and cleaning products etc.


Design Your Shared Areas as a Team

Disappearing Acts (2000), There's, much, moreroomfor, activities!, Make sure that arrange your communal areas in such a way that both of you have had an input and are happy. You don’t want yourself or them to feel like a stranger in the home.


Make an Early Agreement to Split the Bills

footwear, currency, major appliance, The sooner you get this chat out of the way, the less awkward it will be. You live together; it’s only fair that you share all of the bills.


Set Important Alarms on Your Phone so You Don’t Forget

PACW, EST, Set reminders so that you know exactly when you are due to pay bills and exactly when it’s your turn to do the shopping. If you forget, it could cause some friction between roomies.


Split the Fridge so You Both Have Defined Space

cartoon, illustration, Even if one of you has more food, you need to respect boundaries and make sure that you have a 50/50 share of fridge space. If you don’t then there can be territory arguments down the line.


Learn How to Fix the Internet

cartoon, disconnected..., Spend some time learning how to deal with Internet connection problems together, that way you won’t have to rely on another person if one of you is away when a problem occurs.


Exchange Emergency Contact Info, Just in Case

human positions, sitting, 911,, WHATS, YOUR, One of the first things you should do is exchange the numbers of your closest friends and family, just in case there is an occasion where you need to get in touch with them.


Make Spare Keys for Emergency Losses

, Go out together and get a few extra keys for your place cut, then share them out between trusted friends or family members. This way, you will never be completely locked out of home if the other is out!


Explore the Neighborhood Together

landform, bridge, field, horizon, skyline, If you are both new to the area, then make an adventure out of it and go exploring together. It’s good if you can become comfortable with your surroundings at a similar pace.


Be Diplomatic about the DVR!

person, alcohol, film, tabletop game, VL!, Don’t be selfish and take up all the recording space with reruns of Friends. Make sure that there is always enough room for your roomie to record something that they don’t want to miss!


Share the Cost of Appliances

person, blond, profession, ove, toaster, You are both going to benefit from a nice new toaster or a shiny coffee maker, so it’s only fair that you agree on what to buy and then share the cost equally.


Write a Chores Chart to Prevent Arguments

Agree on what chores you will do on what days, and then stick a chart up on the fridge so that nobody can conveniently forget that it was their turn to take the trash out!


Introduce Yourselves to the Neighbors

photography, Be as friendly as you can and make the effort to introduce yourselves to the neighbors. You might need their assistance one day so get to know them!


Set Some Love Life Ground Rules!

clothing, person, Put, your, dick, Be frank with each other about the rules for when you bring someone home. The last thing you want to happen is for your roomie to feel awkward at the kitchen table in the morning!


Set up a Cash Fund for Emergencies

arm, hand, Put a few dollars a week each in to a pot and then this fund can be used in emergencies if anything breaks that needs to be fixed right away.


Get Renter’s Insurance!

, Being robbed isn’t something people want to think about it, but it’s a reality of modern city life, so the best thing to do is get insured and cover yourselves.


Throw a Joint Housewarming Party

drink, calligraphy, NAMING, ARTY!, EATS, Invite your friends, your roomie can invite their friends, and the whole evening can be a huge bonding session between the two of you where your social groups can collide and mix together.

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Lol #6 is definitely really important. Love this! Going to college soon and then will be getting my own place so these tips will be really helpful

These are all really good suggestions

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