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When you're young, with lots of spare time on your hands and surrounded by schoolmates, its the easiest thing in the world to make friends. For adults though, its a different story. We work 9-5 jobs, are buried under household chores and crave sleep 24/7. We just don't have the time for new friendships, so sometimes, we have to take drastic measures to get out there...

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Join a Club

Whether your interests are academic or athletic, there's bound to be a club for you nearby. It doesn't have to be a 'Book Club Cliche' or a 'Breakfast Club' drama. Try a Zumba class, a food lovers group or even pick up an instrument to learn! The world is your oyster! Get the most out of life with this site www.findmeahobby.com.


Chat on the Bus/Train

No matter what route you take to work, its practically a guarantee you won't be on the commute alone. Try talking to a fellow passenger once in a while. Ask them the time to get a discussion going, or maybe carry a book with you - you'd be surprised at how many people will ask you about it.


Get in Touch with Old Friends

Try tracking down those old school mates. Ask them how their lives are going, invite them out for coffee or a meal. Perhaps just become pen-pals. Remember to write regularly though - a Christmas card once a year doesn't count! Use this site to help find them again: www.friendsreunited.co.uk


Join a Gym

Not only can you slim down, get in shape and bust those bingo wings, but you can also meet lots of locals at the gym too. Offer to spot someone on the weights or share your pain with someone else struggling to breathe! Not to mention, the blokes can be brilliant eye-candy.


Try a Chat Room

A forum is always a safe bet to meet people. For example, a lot of stay-at-home mums fell in love with online bingo websites this year. The chats can get hilarious and you might win a bit of money too! Check out www.wdwbingo.co.uk to learn more.


Hit the Pub

Whether you start drowning your sorrows in front of the bartender, or start up a conversation with a fellow footy fan, there will always be plenty of chances to socialize at the pub. I recommend a Wetherspoons; its cheap, and the chips aren't half bad either! You can find a good pub using this site: www.findaproperpub.co.uk


Get a Part Time Job or Volunteer

If you fancy doing something productive while on the look-out for friends, why not try a job or volunteer work? Check in with a local charity shop or a nearby cafe to see if they need extra hands. Anything in the customer service area should ensure you meet a wide-range of people. Lots of job listings are available at www.indeed.co.uk

Got more ideas or experiences to meet new friends? Post a comment! Your help might just change someone's life.

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