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Here's What Your Mom or Any Mom Wants You to Give Her ...

By Olga

Moms love to feel pampered and loved. Believe me - I've been a mom for years. There is nothing I enjoy more than thoughtful gifts from my kids, my husband and my friends and family. Knowing what a mom wants (besides a vacation) can be tough. That's why this list is here to save the day. You'll find gifts that any mom you know will be delighted to unwrap.

1 Woolrich Women's Felt Mill Scuff-W Mule

$35 on Amazon
Any mom will love a soft, cushy place to put her tired feet.

2 Eva Solo Florentine Vase, 20cm, Clear

$69 on Amazon
You can never go wrong with fresh flowers, but a vase to put them in comes in a close second.

3 Kalita Copper Pot

$105 on Amazon
This old fashioned copper pot will make any mom smile when she makes a mug of tea to sooth her frazzled nerves.

4 Menu Tilt Oak Cutting Board, Large

$40 on Amazon
Moms who love to cook will enjoy this fancy wooden cutting board.

5 Bountiful

$25 on Amazon
She's also going to love this gourmet cook book. Even better if you cook for her!

6 Lucia Candle, Goats Milk and Linden Seed

$20 on Amazon
Let your mom relax in style with this candle that is made from soy and goat milk.

7 Faribault Mills Madison Throw

$120 on Amazon
Mom can get cozy and comfy with this soft, feminine throw blanket.

8 Eva Solo Bowl with Salad Set, Melamine, Light Blue/White

$49 on Amazon
Any mom will enjoy whipping up her favorite salad in this fun bowl with matching tongs.

9 Two's Company Chatham Globe Vase

$13 on Amazon
This modern and edgy vase will look great in any trendy mom's home.

10 Menu Nut Hammer

$41 on Amazon
Let Mom take out her frustration on a pile of nuts with this cute cracking hammer.

11 Wakaya Perfection Pink Fijian Ginger Body Soak

$76 on Amazon
When the mom you're buying for needs a relaxing soak, she needs this great body soak to make it really decadent.

12 Japan Kaico Enamelware Kettle

$105 on Amazon
Know a tea loving mom? She'll love this cool looking teapot. And she'll love you for buying it for her.

13 Chemex 6-Cup Classic Series Glass Coffee Maker

$74 on Amazon
Moms need their coffee and they can have it in style with this carafe.

14 KitchenAid Artisan Series 5-Quart Mixer, Ice

$280 on Amazon
This definitely tops my wish list!

15 Joseph Joseph Salad Spoon, 2-Part Salad Server Set

$12 on Amazon
Make serving salad fun for moms with this cute set.

16 Superfood Smoothies

$9 on Amazon
Moms who hit the juice bar will love being able to make their own creations.

17 Menu New Norm Thermo Cup with Lid, Carbon, Set of 4

$160 on Amazon
Let mom take her coffee to go with this contemporary mug. Cool!

18 Menu 1-1/2-Liter Kettle Teapot, Glass with Tea Egg

$60 on Amazon
This fun tea kettle makes it easy for Mom to see when she needs to brew more.

19 Philippi Mesh Bowl, Large

$57 on Amazon
Moms who love to decorate will really enjoy displaying this fun bowl on their kitchen counter.

20 Chive Hudson Wall-Hanging Glass Flower Vase

$37 on Amazon
Give your Mom a nice place to display the flowers you bring her with this 5-hole vase that will hold single stems.

21 Menu Thermo Kettle, Carbon, 1 L

$75 on Amazon
Your mom will never run out of her favorite hot drink when she can take an entire liter of it to go.

22 Eva Solo Madam Solo Coffee Pot, 1.2-Liter

$89 on Amazon
This coffee pot has clean lines and lets any mom get a hit of caffeine when she needs it most.

23 Lekue Silicone Bread Maker

$35 on Amazon
This is fun to look at and fun to use. It's perfect for making loaf after loaf of perfect bread.

24 Acorn Slipper Sock

$43 on Amazon
These socks will make Mom feel warm and loved anytime she puts them on.

25 Magisso Ceramic Carafe

$58 on Amazon
This carafe is functional but will let any mom feel edgy and modern when she uses it.

26 Mastering the Art of French Cooking (2 Volume Set)

$60 on Amazon
Most moms cook, but for any that really love it, this cookbook set is sure to please.

27 Jerusalem: a Cookbook

$20 on Amazon
Have a foodie on your list? Let her cook new and fabulous meals with this cookbook.

28 Maika Market Tote Bag, Woven Grey

$33 on Amazon
Even moms who still lug around diapers can do so in style with this trendy and functional bag.

29 Umbra Prisma 4-Inch by 6-Inch Brass Wire Desktop Frame, Brass

$15 on Amazon
Mom is sure to display her favorite kid in this cool photo frame.

30 Iron Ikenobo Hasami

$26 on Amazon
Cutting will never be as fun or as cool as it is with this tool.

31 Global GS-3 - 5 Inch, 13cm Cook's Knife

$52 on Amazon
Chef moms will gush over this fancy and edgy looking chopping knife.

32 Polka Dot Tote

$75 on Amazon
Make your favorite mom friend smile with this whimsical polka dot bag.

33 Iittala Teema 1-quart Teapot, White

$75 on Amazon
This teapot is as pretty as it is functional. Just what moms want!

34 Mauviel M'Passion Copper 10 Inch 4.9 Quart Egg White Bowl

$100 on Amazon
Baking moms will never use anything else once you gift her with this copper bowl.

35 True Feelings by Claydies for Normann Copenhagen

$26 on Amazon
Moms love beautiful things and these are sure to become some of her favorite items.

36 La Cafetiere Black Classic 6 Cup Stovetop Espresso

$40 on Amazon
Tired moms will rave about how much easier life is with this espresso maker. No trips to Starbucks needed.

37 Alessi Diva Watering Can, Black

$51 on Amazon
Do you know a gardening mom? She'll love watering her plants with this genius watering can.

38 DayNa Decker Atelier Chandel De Voyage Fragrance Set

$30 on Amazon
Moms will adore the relaxation they feel when these candles are lit in the house.

39 Sagaform Fix Herb Pot

$44 on Amazon
Seeing herbs she grew herself is going to make any mom smile.

40 Umbra Flip Wall-Mount Multi Hook, Multi-Colored

$30 on Amazon
For moms that love things organized and put in their place comes this fun hook that is sturdy and easy to install.

41 Sagaform Stoneware Herb Pot Trio

$67 on Amazon
One herb is fun, but three is even better. This pot lets it happen for any mother.

42 Sagaform Happy Days Pitcher, Blue

$54 on Amazon
Next time Mom pours drinks, she can smile when she uses this fun blue pitcher.

43 Top Shelf Living Slate Coasters

$79 on Amazon
Does your mom worry about water spots on her furniture. Tell her you care with these absorbent slate coasters.

44 Woolly Pocket Living Wall Planter

$85 on Amazon
Let your Mom grow something in the house with this cool planter.

45 Vaso Sake Hand Blown Crystal Decanter with 2 Shot Glasses

$77 on Amazon
Your mom will be the talk of the town when she serves drinks with this set.

46 Achla Designs Brass Watering Can

$43 on Amazon
Your mom will be excited for watering day when she can use this can to get the job done.

47 Metaphor Organic Handmade Soap, Full Monty

$9 on Amazon
Make Mom's bath even more decadent with these fancy soaps.

48 Sagaform POP Stoneware Teapot, Turquoise/Red/Brown

$48 on Amazon
This teapot is just as much fun to display as it is to use to make tea.

49 Shun Premier Santoku Knife, 7-Inch

$180 on Amazon
Any mom who knows her knives will love you forever when you give her this one.

50 Haws 2 Pint Indoor Copper Watering Can

$85 on Amazon
Watering plants has never been so trendy and fun!

51 Joseph Joseph Hands on Salad Set, Stone

$42 on Amazon
Mom's favorite salad will aste even better out of this bowl.

52 Missoni Home, Paul Hand Towel

$26 on Amazon
Moms love comfy things and these towels will make her happy.

53 Root-to-Stalk Cooking: the Art of Using the Whole Vegetable

$16 on Amazon
Vegetarian moms will definitely appreciate this veggie cookbook.

54 Izola Candle, Heirloom

$34 on Amazon
This delicious smelling candle is great for moms when they are ready to unwind and relax.

55 Schmidt Brothers Cutlery, Bonded Teak 7 Piece Knife Kit

$245 on Amazon
Not only is this knife set gorgeous to look at, but it lets cooking moms get the job done quickly.

56 Copper Plated Moscow Mule Mugs, 16 Oz, Set of 2

$30 on Amazon
What if your Mom loves drinking Moscow Mules? Give her this mug set. She'll thank you forever.

57 Menu Rubber Vase

$35 on Amazon
This rubber vase is perfect for moms who have little kids running all over the house.

58 Iittala Essence Red Wine Glasses, Set of 4, Clear

$70 on Amazon
Let mom have a full set of glasses with this set. Tell her to keep it away from the kids!

59 MENU POV Table Candleholder, White

$36 on Amazon
This fun candleholder is great for modern spaces and the moms that love them.

60 Breville Compact Juice Fountain

$100 on Amazon
Know a mom who loves fresh juice? Let her make her own with this fantastic juice fountain.

61 Identical: Portraits of Twins

$50 on Amazon
Do you know a mom who has a twin? As a twin myself, I would love getting this gift.

62 Boskke Cube 3 Small Planters, Clear

$60 on Amazon
Let a gardening mom create an indoor garden with this fun planter.

63 Breville Die-Cast Stainless-Steel Motorized Citrus Press

$200 on Amazon
Moms who favor fresh orange juice will jump for joy when you give them this.

64 Bambu Ipad Cork Case

$33 on Amazon
Busy working moms will love the protection this case offers for their tablet.

65 Iittala Origo Bowl, Orange

$30 on Amazon
This bowl is perfect for fruit when Mom wants it out where her kids can see and eat it.

66 LexMod Isamu Noguchi Style Cherry Wood Coffee Table

$330 on Amazon
Let Mom put her feet up in style with this really cool coffee table.

67 Lipper Large Wavy Bowl, Natural Acacia Wood

$22 on Amazon
Serving dinner will never be as fun as it is with this cool wooden bowl.

68 Dansk Kobenstyle 2qt Sauce Pan White

$70 on Amazon

Moms spend a lot of time cooking so you might as well let her do it in a fashionable way.

69 Baxton Studio Pascal Plastic Shell Chair, Set of 2

$165 on Amazon
This comfortable chair is great for moms who want to kick back at the end of the day.

70 Momofuku [Hardcover]

$27 on Amazon
This book is a tome that any mom will grow to love more and more as time goes by.

71 Tartine Bread

$23 on Amazon
This book is loaded with tasty recipes that are easy and fun to prepare.

72 Vegetable Literacy: Cooking and Gardening with Twelve Families from the Edible Plant Kingdom

$28 on Amazon
Learning to cook and garden is easy with this fun book written by the experts.

73 Umbra Conceal, Invisible Floating Bookshelf

$13 on Amazon
Moms can keep their reading list out of the way with this handy floating bookshelf.

74 Now Designs Ripple Towel, London Grey, SetВ ofВ 2

$18 on Amazon
Taking a shower will fell like a trip to the spa with these great towels.

75 Woodcut Notecards

$13 on Amazon
When Mom needs to write a note, she'll always reach for these wood themed notecards first.

76 Tea Forte Skin Smart Loose Tea Canister-Lychee Coconut, 3.5 Oz, 50 Servings

$15 on Amazon
Tea is a mom's favorite and she'll love the different and unique flavor this one has to offer.

77 Eva Solo Herb Pot, Self-Watering, Chalk White

$40 on Amazon
A self watering design means less work for busy moms.

78 The Art of French Baking

$52 on Amazon
For many moms, baking is relaxing and this book will give her tons of new ideas.

79 Sagaform Stoneware Herb Pot

$29 on Amazon
This pot is fun to look at and is super effective for growing herbs in the house.

80 Present Time Leitmotiv Vixen Coat Rack, White

$175 on Amazon
Keep clutter at bay with this coat rack that is easy on the eyes.

81 Joseph Joseph Nest Compact Measuring Cup Set

$50 on Amazon
Organized drawers are a must for moms and this set makes it easy to get them there.

82 Eva Solo My Tea Teapot, Porcelain, 0.75-Liter

$85 on Amazon
This single serve teapot inspires moms to take a "me" break every day.

83 Google Chromecast HDMI Streaming Media Player

$32 on Amazon
Let Mom listen to all her favorite music with this handy media player.

84 POLPO: a Venetian Cookbook (of Sorts)

$38 on Amazon
This book is loaded with recipes, but the illustrations are just as much fun as the cooking.

85 The Family Meal: Home Cooking with Ferran Adria

$20 on Amazon
Moms love feeding their families and this cookbook lets them shake things up at dinnertime.

86 Stelton Pure White Magnetic Knife Holder

$95 on Amazon
What mom wouldn't love a set of knives that no other mom has?

87 Eva Solo Hanging Bird Feeder, Hand Blown Glass

$55 on Amazon
Mom will love hanging out on her back porch and watching the birds while they eat from these awesome glass feeders.

88 Dansk Kobenstyle 2qt Sauce Pan, Chili Red

$70 on Amazon
Fire things up in the kitchen with this bright red cooking pot.

89 Sagaform Wine Carafe with Oak Stopper

$34 on Amazon
Moms usually can't wait for their glass of wine. Make it more enjoyable with this fun carafe.

90 Joseph Joseph Elevate Carousel Set, Multi-color

$44 on Amazon
Make the day colorful with these fun cooking tools that are corralled on the spinner they come with.

91 Up by Jawbone

$45 on Amazon
Techie moms won't be able to get enough of this great device.

92 Deglon Meeting Knife Set, Stainless Steel Knives and Block, Set of 4

$1030 on Amazon
If you know a mom who loves things in their place, you have to give her this set.

93 Le Creuset Silicone 7-Piece Utensil Set

$70 on Amazon
Cooking is a breeze with these handy tools close at hand.

94 Krups Electric Coffee and Spice Grinder

$20 on Amazon
Mornings will be something to look forward to with this grinder.

95 Le Creuset Signature round Wide Dutch Oven, Flame

$260 on Amazon
Moms will love how great this works and how fantastic the color is.

96 Bon Appetit, 1 Year Auto-Renewal

$15 on Amazon
Give Mom a reason to sit down and read with a magazine subscription.

97 Miyako 3-piece Ceramic Knife Set

$50 on Amazon
Here's another set of fabulous knives that any mom would love as a gift.

98 Core Bamboo 3-Part Swoop Entertainment Set, Natural

$28 on Amazon
This set is easy to store and is sure to get Mom loads of compliments at parties.

99 Mistral Shea Butter Soap, Lychee Rose, 7-Ounce Bar

$8 on Amazon
This heavenly smelling soap is perfect for moms of little ones.

100 Alessi All-Time Cutlery Set 24 Pcs, Dark Grey

$155 on Amazon
This cutlery is modern and easy to take care of.

101 Jo Malone Lime Basil & Mandarin Travel Candle

$60 on Amazon
The scent of this candle will transport Mom to another place.

102 Pre De Provence Assorted Soap Giftset - 9 Piece

$14 on Amazon
This itty bitty soaps are adorable and so much fun to use.

103 Paddywax Apothecary Jar Candle, Chamomile and Fig

$20 on Amazon
This relaxing candle is great for Mom's bedside table.

104 Menu Jewelry Tree

$51 on Amazon
There isn't a mom I know who wouldn't get excited about this gift.

105 One Bowl Baking

$16 on Amazon
Cooking without having a ton of dishes is every mom's dream. Make it come true with this fabulous baking cookbook.

106 Corkcicle Chillsner Beer Chiller, 2В Pack

$23 on Amazon
This fits easily in a bottle of beer, but is also great for wine and water.

107 Calypso Watering Can

$19 on Amazon
Watering plants is a sunny job with this superb watering can.

Which gift will you give your mom?

This article written in collaboration with editor, Eliza Martinez

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