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7 Signs You're the Mom of Your Friend Group ...

By Teresa

So, you’re looking for signs you’re the mom of the friend group? As someone who has identified with being the “mom of the friend group” stereotype since middle school, I can tell you that they are easy to spot. You’ll find yourself worrying like a mother while doling out snacks, breath mints, and gum from your bottomless purse. If you think you may just fit this description, continue reading for signs you’re the mom of the friend group!

1 Everyone Goes to You for Advice

One of the biggest signs you’re the mom of the friend group is if people often come to you for advice. If someone needs advice, you know that you’re the first person they go to. Whether it’s about a guy, school, or work, your friends will come to you when they need advice. You’re used to it, but sometimes you wish you had someone else you could ask for advice too!

2 You Fix Everyone’s Problems

If someone has an issue, you instantaneously think of ten different solutions, and get to work on how to fix the problem. Maybe you’re just good with coming up with solutions, but chances are that your friends trust with their biggest and smallest problems!

3 Your Friends Know to Text You when They Get Home

Whether they’re walking a few blocks home or flying across the country, they know that they need to let you know that they’re arrived safely. You need to know how their trip went, and everything else in between, because they know that you worry about them.

4 You Take Care of Everything

You are the woman in charge when it comes to your group of friends. When no one wants to make solid plans, you force everyone to make decisions. When it comes time to split the bill, you grab it from your waitress and do the calculations before your friends even know what’s going on. It may not even be something you realize you do, but you probably do it!

5 You’re Prepared for Anything

It seems like moms and grandmas have everything you could ever need in their purses and you are no exception. You have lip balm for your friend’s last minute dry lips, you have more phone chargers than you know what to do with, and of course, you have a pen or other writing utensil. You’ve got everyone covered, no matter what they need.

6 You Worry

If you worry about the well being of your friends more than you’d like to admit, you’re probably the mom of your friend group. You may do something simple like worry about your friend’s job interview, or something a little more extreme, like texting your friends after you have unsettling dreams about them. Regardless, if you find yourself worrying about your friends more than the average person, you are the mom of your friend group.

7 You Keep Everyone in Line

Whether you’re at a restaurant with small children or you find yourself in a church for a wedding, you are always the person telling your friends when they’re being inappropriate. It may make you feel like a nag, but someone has to keep them in line!

Are you the mom of your friend group? How did you know? Leave a comment telling me how you knew!

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