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41 Fun Flash Drives You'll Love to Use ...

By Lisa

If you have to carry around a flash drive, you might as well make it a cute one: maybe something that represents your favorite hobby, your favorite character in a movie or just something that makes you smile. If you're looking for a new flash drive for work or school, get some great ideas from the selection below!

1 Classic Books

Classic BooksVia
A fun little flash drive for the bookworm or anyone you know who loves to read.

2 Kate Spade Bow

Kate Spade BowVia bow usb - kate spade ...
This is a classy flash drive you'll never want to lose!


7 Ladylike Bags ...

7 Ways to Take Care of Your Skin All over Your Body ...

3 Lego

LegoVia Lego Style 2GB USB ...
Stackable and colorful. Perfect for your Lego maniac.

4 My Little Pony

My Little PonyVia My Little Pony Mimobot Thumb ...
Who could resist?

5 Star Wars

Star WarsVia Star Wars Flash Drives
I think we all know someone who love receiving one of these.

6 Cherry

CherryVia Delicious Cherry USB Flash Drive ...
What a sweet surprise.

7 IPod

IPodVia USB iPod USB Flash Drive
This happy little guy will feel right at home on your laptop.

8 Toaster USB Hub

Toaster USB HubVia Toaster USB Hub and Toast ...
So dang cute! I need this in my life.

9 Oreo Cookie

Oreo CookieVia
We can all use an Oreo to liven up our day.

10 Nikon Camera

Nikon CameraVia Camera USB Drive - The ...
A cute and compact flash drive for photography lovers.

11 Rilakkuma Bear

Rilakkuma BearVia 4GB New Cute Pink ...
Don't carry around a boring old rectangular flash drive when you can have Rilakkuma.

12 Sushi

SushiVia Another 12 Cool USB Flash ...
Love or hate sushi, you've gotta admit these look pretty real!

13 Owl

OwlVia Cute Animal Styled USB Flash ...
Homework will be a breeze with this wise old owl by your side.

14 Ice Cream

Ice CreamVia 10 USB Drives That Are ...
Too sweet to pass up!

15 Batman and Co

Batman and CoVia More Mimoco Batman Mimobot USB ...
Get them all and use them according to your mood.

16 Bob-Omb from Super Mario Bros

Bob-Omb from Super Mario BrosVia 4GB Bob-Omb from Nintendo Super ...
Don't worry, Bob-Omb won't do any damage to your documents!

17 Penguin

PenguinVia Cute Penguin USB Flash Drive ...
A smiley penguin is sure to brighten up your day.

18 Einstein

EinsteinVia 7 Quirky Back-to-School Supplies for ...
Love the face with his tongue sticking out!

19 Chocolate

ChocolateVia Products I Love
Do you prefer white or milk chocolate?

20 Sewing

Sewing machine, tape measure and thread for the sewing fanatic.

21 Bowling Pins

Bowling PinsVia
Hoping for a lucky strike!

22 Message in a Bottle

Message in a BottleVia Message In A Bottle Flash ...
Stick your own message in this bottle, just for fun.

23 Pig

PigVia We could not find the ...
This little piggy went to the office.

24 Cupcake

Cute and functional, does it get any better?

25 Russian Nesting Doll

Russian Nesting DollVia Home: Ten Totally Cute USB ...
Festive and fun.

26 Tuxedo Sam

Tuxedo SamVia Mod Retro Vintage Clothing & ...
Do any of you remember Tuxedo Sam from the Sanrio family?

27 Flip Flops

Flip FlopsVia USB Custom Flash PVC Flash ...
Even if you can't wear flip flops all year, you can use this flash drive and look forward to summer.

28 Whistle While You Work

Whistle While You WorkVia USB Flash Drive, 4GB
The perfect way to remind yourself not to take things too seriously.

29 Watermelon

Get yourself a slice.

30 Panda

Your very own panda bear.

31 Monkey

MonkeyVia 4GB BLue Milo Monkey ...
No monkey business here.

32 Princess Bubblegum

Princess BubblegumVia I liked this design on ...
For all the Adventure Time fans.

33 Banana

BananaVia Items similar to SALE30-70%OFF: 4GB ...
Go bananas with this flash drive.

34 Starbucks Cup

Starbucks CupVia
If you need a reminder to get your daily dose of caffeine.

35 Mercedes Benz Key

Mercedes Benz KeyVia Etsy :: Your place to ...
If you want the car, but can't afford it, you can always get the flash drive!

36 Horse

HorseVia I liked this design on ...
Don't get caught horsing around!

37 Kit Kat

Kit KatVia
Use this as a reminder to give yourself a break.

38 Hershey's Chocolate

Hershey's ChocolateVia Cute USBs Make Great Stocking ...
This will probably make you crave chocolate, but it's cute!

39 Ladybug

LadybugVia 3D USB flash drive,USB disk,usb ...
Bring some good luck into your life with this ladybug.

40 Stitch

StitchVia Stitch Flash Drive Cute Lilo ...
Ohana means family.

41 Hello Kitty

Hello KittyVia Hello Kitty, caramella usb | ...
If you love all things Hello Kitty, this flash drive is calling your name!

There are so many different types of flash drives and they're so cute, I want them all! There's definitely something for everyone.

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