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There are many things you can buy at a flea market, some of which can be great finds. Going to the flea market can be quite the experience, since there are many odd and unusual things. However, among the odd and unusual, there are often some great things. Some of them need to be fixed up, and some are wonderful just the way they are. Either way, when you start looking around at things you can buy at a flea market, you will certainly find something you can use.

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Wooden Furniture

Wooden furniture is one of the best things you can buy at a flea market. Even if it looks very old and banged up; it can still be a great find. Old wood tables can give rustic charm to kitchen, and a wooden bookcase can easily be brought to life with some paint. The great thing about wooden furniture is that you can consider it to be a blank canvas because you can do just about anything you want with it.



I love to get lamps at flea markets. Often, you can find very artistic lamps, and it doesn’t matter if the lamp shade is missing because you can always buy a new one. Even if the lamp doesn’t work, that shouldn’t dissuade you from buying it if you really like it. Lamps can always be rewired and brought to life again.


Old Framed Pictures or Paintings

One of the many items you will find at a flea market is old framed pictures or paintings. The great thing about these pictures and paintings is that you don’t have to like the whole piece. If you like the frame but not the picture or painting, you can always just use the frame. Likewise, if you like the picture but not the frame, you can easily reframe the picture or painting.



It is not unusual to find antiques at flea markets, and sometimes they are in great condition. Searching for great antiques at a flea market can be a little challenging, but if you do find some antiques, they are definitely worth purchasing. They can add great charm to your house.


China Plates

You may not think of flea markets as a great place to get china plates, but they actually are. You probably won’t find a set, but buying unique pieces and using them to set a table can look wonderful. Also, you can use them for decorating. You can even get really creative and break them, and use the pieces to decorate a mirror or a frame.



Planters at garden stores can be so expensive, but at flea markets you can often find great deals. Also, the planters at flea markets tend to be very unique, which can add interest to your outdoor or indoor garden. I always look for planters that have a little personality, or planters that I can fix up. It is remarkably easy to paint a box planter that is made of wood.


Glass Bottles or Jars

You can find glass bottles and jars all over the flea market, which is great because there is so much you can do with them. You can use them as flower vases. You can also use the as decorations. Personally, I love using them to hold bathroom items like q-tips and cotton balls, which looks much nicer than leaving them in a bag.

Going to the flea market can be an adventure,and if you look really hard, you can find great items. Sometimes it takes a little creativity to turn something into a treasure, but it is always worth it. What are your favorite flea market finds?

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Great article, I love the randomness of flea markets.

LOVE them!

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