7 Fun and Cheap Things to do on Halloween if You're Broke ...


7 Fun and Cheap Things to do on Halloween if You're Broke ...
7 Fun and Cheap Things to do on Halloween if You're Broke ...

Halloween is by far, my favorite holiday outside of Christmas, and one reason is there are so many cheap things to do on Halloween that you can enjoy even if you’re broke. The main reason I love Halloween is because it's the first holiday of the fall season. Halloween also brings out the kid in each of us, which is a breath of fresh air. Plus, with all the fun colors, cool air and of course, tasty food, Halloween is just the perfect way to celebrate. Halloween is also somewhat cheap, unless you have a ton of trick or treaters. Then, I suppose the candy supply fund could get out of hand. Yet, for most of us, Halloween is a fairly cheap holiday. No gifts to buy, large, intimidating meals to cook, and if we’re crafty, no expensive costumes to blow our money on. Plus, there are lots of fun things to do on Halloween that require hardly any, or no money, at all. Check out my favorite cheap things to do on Halloween, and be sure to share yours with me!

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Attend a Party

Almost everyone I know, knows that one of the best cheap things to do on Halloween is attend a party or carnival of some sort. I can almost guarantee someone you know is hosting a party and not charging a dime. Most social clubs, churches, or popular hang out places around town are also prime places to find a free Halloween party. There may be a slight cover charge, or candy donation requirement at the door, but more than likely, not.


Have Friends over to Help Hand out Candy

If you live in a particularly large neighborhood, you might get overwhelmed with trick or treaters at your door. Ask a few friends to come over and if they’re willing to, bring a few bags of candy to help out. In exchange, offer to cook them dinner and serve up something simple, inexpensive and tasty like chili, veggie soup and cornbread,and bake some cookies, brownies or cupcakes. If nothing else, ask everyone to bring their favorite dish and have a Halloween potluck! Then, at least supply the drinks like punch, cocoa, cider, or even a nice bottle of wine. More than likely, you and your friends will enjoy each other’s company so much that you won’t think twice about the lack of money.


Go See a Movie

If you’re not in the mood to party or dress up, how about you grab some friends or your guy and just go see a spook movie on Halloween? Or, any other movie, for that matter. Sure, it might not seem super exciting, but for some people who don’t get too caught up in the holiday, it’s still a way to do something entertaining at a low cost.


Have a Dress up Party

Here’s a really cute idea if you're short on cash I read in a magazine last year. Ask a few friends to come over and bring anything that might be fun to use for costumes. Then, once everyone gets together, have fun helping each other come up with fun costumes to wear. Do each other's makeup and hair to really make things interesting and fun. Once you’re all dolled up, take pictures, go out and meet up with friends, or just stay in and hold your own get together. Either way, it’s a fun, creative way to do something with friends without a lot of planning, but plenty of potential for some classic laughs.


Rent All the Classics

If you’re into staying in on Halloween, get a few of your friends together, or your favorite guy, and rent all the classic spooky movies, either through Redbox, online, or at the movie rental place. Have a little marathon with your favorite snacks and drinks to complete the evening. This idea is simple, cheap and classic, and there’s nothing wrong with that!


Create Your Own Ghost Hunt

My parents actually did this for me and a bunch of friends when I was 12. They played scary music from a cheap CD we bought at a local drugstore and had dry ice going outside our house’s entrance for everyone’s arrival once it got dark. Then, after everyone arrived, they said we would be going on a ghost hunt and they took us through some backwoods down through an old barn in our neighborhood while we carried flashlights and they carried candles. While we were walking, they proceeded to tell us of made up ghost stories.They had a few adults positioned along the trail to pop out and scare us, and it was so much fun! I don’t suggest using this with kids, but it can be fun to do with friends, or if you have a group of teenagers to entertain. My parents didn’t tell me ahead of time what we were doing, but afterwards, I actually felt like they were pretty cool. It was free, scary, and one of the best Halloweens I ever had.


Host a Halloween Potluck

One really simple and inexpensive way to celebrate Halloween is to have a huge potluck at your home. You can create a theme if you want for the event, such as Halloween themed foods, fall comfort foods, healthy holiday foods, a dessert potluck, etc. Then, just be sure to supply the beverages in return. I suggest doing a trio of a special Halloween punch, then some hot cider and cocoa as hot options. Pick up some cute, cheap napkins, paper plates and cups, string up some cheap Halloween streamers, and call it a party! Once your friends arrive with the food, you’ll forget you're broke and more than likely start holding the party every year.

If you’re broke, what do you like to do on Halloween? Have you ever come up with a creative costume with no money? Share your tips and tricks!

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i enjoy halloween a lot - the only thing i hate is that it takes place at the very end of the month!! so thanks for the post! i really like it!! :)

It's my absolute favourite day of the year!! And, I really enjoyed your article! 👻💀🐈‍⬛🧟‍♂️😈🦴☠️

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