7 Feelings You Go through when You Make a Mistake ...


All of us make mistakes all of the time, but when you make a mistake, do you know what feelings you go through? There are a ton of them and it’s good to know the stages of when you make a mistake! I made a few mistakes recently and while they didn’t amount to anything, I felt everything on this list and it feels horrible! So, you ready to see what you go through when you do make a mistake?

1. Guilt

We all know that nobody is perfect, but when you make a mistake, it’s hard not to feel guilty about it. Whether you are feeling guilty because you don’t want to admit that you’ve made a mistake or because it was something that was really hurtful, guilt does creep in. I actually felt really guilty because of the last few mistakes I’ve made and there was no reason for it. They were honestly small mistakes! Just remember, you are not perfect by any means!

Sinking Feeling in Stomach
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