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45 Eco Homes for Now and the Future ...

By Neecey

Eco homes are gaining in number and significance. They can be old buildings that have been renovated to include environmentally-friendly features or brand new purpose-built houses. Eco homes can be pretty ordinary looking or somewhat fantastical. Let's take a look at some.

1 Rustic Space

Rustic SpaceVia
Amazingly rustic! Eco homes use environmentally-friendly materials inside and out. Here the floors are made from earth and sealed with linseed oil and beeswax.

2 Earth Home

Earth HomeVia Ecological and Friendly Architecture: Earth ...
Ecological and friendly architecture can be absolutely stunning.

3 Malator

An earth-sheltered house in Wales, UK with a view of the coast.

4 Tree House

Tree HouseVia An Eco-Friendly Hotel & Spa ...
View the stars and the lush greenery that surrounds the grounds from your very own tree house.

5 House on the Hill

House on the HillVia 25 Eco-Friendly Houses Made With ...
This stunning eco house is in Sun City, Latvia.

6 Spectacular

SpectacularVia Design and Architecture, Architecture Design, ...
If you're going to go eco-friendly, you can make it magnificent, I guess.

7 Eco Minimalist Home

Eco Minimalist HomeVia Une maison éco minimaliste en ...
Self-built by Nick Middleton on the Isle of Skye, Scotland.

8 Micro Home

Micro HomeVia Backgrounder, company background and facts ...
You could have several micro homes in different locations and live between them all.

9 Chicago’s First Prefab Modular House

Chicago’s First Prefab Modular HouseVia Chicago's First Prefab Modular House ...

The C3 is a trailblazing modern prefab home that ushers in a new approach to city dwellings.

10 From Wheat to Neat

From Wheat to NeatVia The World's 16 Strangest Homes
This home is made from two corrugated grain silos!

11 Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh, ScotlandVia Scottish Eco Home
The current owners of this eco-home built this on the site of the house they had previously lived in for 15 years.

12 Mobile Eco-home

Mobile Eco-homeVia Weekend Camper Fun: The Modern ...
The iconic mobile home gets a serious co makeover. The new Volkswagen Microbus is completely modern in its environmental consciousness. The new VW bus is a bio-diesel hybrid.

13 Straw Bale Home

Straw Bale HomeVia One World Design Architecture - ...
Straw bales are a seriously eco-friendly construction material.

14 Environmentally Friendly Mobile Home Remodel

Environmentally Friendly Mobile Home RemodelVia Environmentally Friendly Houses- The Ultimate ...
Environmentally friendly houses like this mobile home remodel using papercrete and old tires is a great example of the possibilities in green construction.

15 Tryon Farm, Portland, USA

Tryon Farm, Portland, USAVia Untitled
At the confluence of rural farm land and native forest in an urban center, Tryon Living Community Farm demonstrates how sustainable living is achieved.

16 Environmental-Friendly Modern Home in Australia

Environmental-Friendly Modern Home in AustraliaVia Environmental-Friendly Modern Home in Australia: ...
Sunny Australia is the ideal place for solar powered homes.

17 Eco-pod

Eco-podVia Monster Mansino
Could you live in a shipping container?

18 Outside in House, Puerto Natales, Chile

Outside in House, Puerto Natales, ChileVia Let It Pour: Rainwater Harvesting ...
This wooden home's pitched roof functions like a wind sail to make air flow in one direction and capture rainwater for storage.

19 The Retro Retreat

The Retro RetreatVia
Owned by Jeni Gray of the blog "Diary of the New Pioneer".

20 Marcus Beach House

Marcus Beach HouseVia Marcus Beach House by Robinson ...
This is the sort of house that always appears in Californian beach towns in the movies.

21 Wooden House

Wooden HouseVia 25 Eco-Friendly Houses Made With ...
A thoroughly modern house with Art Nouveau styling.

22 Chamfer Home

Chamfer HomeVia Chamfer Home: Tiny Self-Sufficient House ...
Tiny self-sufficient house operates off-grid in any locale.

23 Storage Container Home Sarasota, USA

Storage Container Home Sarasota, USAVia 10 Shipping Container Buildings For ...
If one shipping container is not big enough, pile a few together.

24 Oblong House

Oblong HouseVia Object Culture
Who wouldn't love an interior like this?

25 Earth Home

Earth HomeVia Community Post: 50 Stunning Homes ...
Does a hobbit live here?

26 Prefab in Scottsdale, USA

Prefab in Scottsdale, USAVia Top green home designs in ...
This prefab in Arizona was inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright and uses solar panels and rainwater collection.

27 The Green House

The Green HouseVia An amazing home that connects ...
An amazing home that connects with nature

28 Green Home, Chicago, USA

Green Home, Chicago, USAVia
I love cool eco-homes in huge cities.

29 England's First Certified Passive House

England's First Certified Passive HouseVia Homes Out Of The Ordinary
The term passive house refers to a rigorous, voluntary standard for energy efficiency in a building, reducing its ecological footprint. It results in ultra-low energy buildings that require little energy for space heating or cooling.

30 The Roundhouse, Pembrokeshire, Wales

The Roundhouse, Pembrokeshire, WalesVia Are these the world's weirdest ...
Homes don't get much greener than 'That Roundhouse' built by Tony Wrench. Made of wood, a straw insulated turf roof and recycled materials, it relies on solar power and a wind turbine for electricity, and has a compost toilet.

31 The E.D.G.E

The E.D.G.EVia The E.D.G.E
This prefab home is an experiment in all things efficient.

32 Millionaire's Pad

Millionaire's PadVia Earthship Homes Made of Recycled ...
It may be eco-friendly, but it isn't wallet friendly. This eco-house in Arundel, England would set you back £3.25 million ($5 million) - WOW!

33 Urban Lot, Portland, USA

Urban Lot, Portland, USAVia Green Home Building Pics from ...
Who wouldn't mind coming home to this?

34 Living Roof

Living RoofReally cool eco homes have living roofs.

35 Eco Home Prototype, Bucharest, Romania

Eco Home Prototype, Bucharest, RomaniaVia Soleta ZeroEnergy One : Eco ...
Looks darned good for a prototype.

36 Beautiful Eco-friendly Home

Beautiful Eco-friendly HomeVia Joyce's Eco-Friendly Home — House ...
Simply lovely.

37 Dwelle Eco Home

Dwelle Eco HomeVia 8 Granny Flats that will ...
Cute and compact.

38 Low Tech Meets Hi-tech

Low Tech Meets Hi-techVia High-Tech Green Family Home in ...
Where the indoors really does meet the outdoors.

39 Factory Built Pre-Fab Home

Factory Built Pre-Fab HomeVia The patio of the Breezehouse. ...
Did you know there are companies that can build a pre-fab home with green materials and deliver it to your build site?

40 Floating Eco Home

Floating Eco HomeVia 28 Houseboats That Will Make ...
Floating eco homes have a seriously reduced carbon footprint

41 Passive Home, Wisconsin, USA

Passive Home, Wisconsin, USAVia
Can you believe this amazing passive home in freezing Wisconsin uses less energy than a hair dryer?

42 Tree House

Tree HouseVia
Need a place to reconnect with nature? How about a low-impact tree house cabin?

43 Light House, Johannesburg, South Africa

Light House, Johannesburg, South AfricaVia
I love the slate gray color - it's so calming.

44 The Process

The ProcessVia
The step by step building of an eco house - made with bottles, soda cans, old tires and cement.

45 Dream House

Dream HouseVia This Is What Happens When ...
An American female architect built her dream home for $11k after going through a divorce and foreclosure.

Let's hear from you now! How environmentally friendly is your home?

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