7 Easy Ways to Keep Your Cat Healthy ...


Looking for ways to keep your cat healthy that are simple and effective? As a cat lover and proud parent of two young felines, Iโ€™m committed to doing all that I can to ensure their good health and well-being for many years to come. Whether youโ€™re getting ready to adopt a new kitty or already have a furry friend at home, here are seven smart ways to keep your cat healthy.

1. Provide a Healthy Diet

When it comes to long-term well-being, providing a healthy diet is definitely one of the easiest and most effective ways to keep your cat healthy. Just as is true for humans, a catโ€™s diet can affect everything from her weight to the way her body functions as she ages. Talk with your vet about the best dietary options for your cat, including whether itโ€™s best to feed her wet food, dry food or a combination of both. Donโ€™t forget to also discuss how much she should be fed daily and select a food that your cat actually enjoys eating.

Keep Her Indoors
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