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Creepy Stories to Avoid before Bedtime if You're a Scaredy Cat ...

By Heather

I've always been interested in things that scare me. I'm not a fan of horror, however, I find ghost stories and creepy, scary stories something that are interesting. Do you share it too? Take a listen below, although, I have to tell you, these freaked me out!

1 15 True Stranger Encounter Stories

OMG. This freaked me out. His voice. His freaking voice.

2 Scariest Things Caught on Surveillance Footage

I'm never, ever getting cameras in my house. Ever.

3 Creepy True Stories

You'll never, ever believe these!

4 These Are so True and so Scary!

These are actually true and super disturbing. I warned you.

5 Ouija Board Stories

Do you have one? My mom had an experience with one of these and now? I'd NEVER touch one!

6 Stories about Crazy People

Love the voice … it makes the stories that much creepier. Listen at your own risk!

7 Ghost Stories That Turned out to Be Real

Oh yeah, you can start telling these around the campfire.

8 Sleepover Stories

Man. This one scared me so much.

9 All the Ghost Stories

These freak me out – do YOU believe in ghosts?

10 Four True Stories

Which one scared you?

11 Skype Stalker Stories

I met my wife through AOL – this hit home.

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