Creepy Stories 👻 to Avoid before Bedtime 🛏 if You're a Scaredy Cat 😳 ...


I've always been interested in things that scare me. I'm not a fan of horror, however, I find ghost stories and creepy, scary stories something that are interesting. Do you share it too? Take a listen below, although, I have to tell you, these freaked me out!

1. 15 True Stranger Encounter Stories

OMG. This freaked me out. His voice. His freaking voice.

2. Scariest Things Caught on Surveillance Footage

I'm never, ever getting cameras in my house. Ever.

3. Creepy True Stories

You'll never, ever believe these!

4. These Are so True and so Scary!

These are actually true and super disturbing. I warned you.

5. Ouija Board Stories

Do you have one? My mom had an experience with one of these and now? I'd NEVER touch one!

6. Stories about Crazy People

Love the voice … it makes the stories that much creepier. Listen at your own risk!

7. Ghost Stories That Turned out to Be Real

Oh yeah, you can start telling these around the campfire.

8. Sleepover Stories

Man. This one scared me so much.

9. All the Ghost Stories

These freak me out – do YOU believe in ghosts?

10. Four True Stories

Which one scared you?

11. Skype Stalker Stories

I met my wife through AOL – this hit home.