10 Things to do 📝 Sunday Night 🌜 to Have an Easier 👍🏼 Monday Morning ☀️ ...


Sundays are great because they are a day off, but they are also sucky because you have to be ready for tomorrow, which is the dreaded Monday. Instead of spending the entire day dreading the next day, take action so that you are ready for the work week without having to sacrifice the entire day to worrying about getting up early and saying goodbye to the weekend. Add these things to your Sunday routine and your weekend will be great and your Monday morning won’t be quite as bad.

1. Turn Chores into a Social Event

Turn Chores into a Social Event

Instead of feeling like you waste your entire Sunday doing chores and not getting to spend time with your friends and family, turn those chores into social hour. Invite your best friend or sister to grocery shop with you or take a workout class with your significant other. You’ll still be getting things done, but you won’t feel like the day was wasted either.

2. Clean out Your Work Bag

Clean out Your Work Bag

If you’re anything like me, a cluttered bag can be pretty stressful. Take a few minutes on Sunday evening to clear out the things from your work bag that you’re done with or that you won’t need this week. That way you can start fresh on Monday morning with a bag that’s ready for everything you have coming. Do the same for your purse if it’s packed too.

3. Make Breakfast for the Week

Make Breakfast for the Week

If you tend to skip breakfast because you’re too busy in the morning or you hit the snooze too many times, prepping ahead of time can really save you. Make mini egg muffins or overnight oats in individual servings on Sunday evenings. On Monday morning, grab your meal and go. You’ll notice that eating in the morning will put you in a better mood and make you more productive.

4. Lay out Your Clothes to save Time

Lay out Your Clothes to save Time

It only takes a few seconds to choose an outfit and make sure it’s ready to wear on Monday morning. This will save you angst when you get up because you can simply get dressed and go without having to make any decisions on Monday morning when you’re groggy and not at all ready to get back to the grind. If you’re super motivated, go ahead and lay out your clothes for the entire week.

5. Make Mondays More Fun with an Activity or Event

Make Mondays More Fun with an Activity or Event

Mondays suck, but if you plan something fun on that day, you’ll have a reason to look forward to the day and a reason to get out of bed when the alarm blares. Maybe Monday can be your diet cheat day or the day you hit happy hour with friends. Whatever you decide, make sure it’s something that will make Mondays fun again.

6. Treat Yourself before You Go to Bed

Treat Yourself before You Go to Bed

Sunday is your day off, so it makes sense that it should be a day when you treat yourself. Get a massage, paint your nails, binge watch “The Walking Dead,” or meet your friends for ice cream. Creating a fond memory will give you something warm and fuzzy to think about when Monday threatens to take you down.

7. Go to Bed on Time

Go to Bed on Time

No matter how tempting it is to hang out and make Sunday last as long as possible, going to bed on time will make Monday morning way better. Most women should get between 7 and 9 hours of sleep so make sure you hit the sack early enough that you log enough zzzzs before the alarm goes off.

8. Don't Drink

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Drinking on Sunday is asking to make Monday more unbearable than ever. You're not going to get enough sleep most likely, as well as having to wake up and head to work hung over.

9. Plan Your Week

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No, you don't want to be working on a Sunday, but you should schedule and plan your week to save your sanity. Planning your week will ensure you remember all you have to do, but will also help you manage your time more wisely.

10. Make Dinner in the Crockpot

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Rather than coming home exhausted Monday and having to cook dinner as well, throw some things in the crockpot Sunday night and stick it in the fridge. Then come Monday you'll just have to pull it out, turn it on, and not have to worry the rest of the day about what you're going to eat.

How do you make Sundays great? How to do you make sure Monday doesn’t suck?