10 Things to do πŸ“ Sunday Night 🌜 to Have an Easier πŸ‘πŸΌ Monday Morning β˜€οΈ ...

Sundays are great because they are a day off, but they are also sucky because you have to be ready for tomorrow, which is the dreaded Monday. Instead of spending the entire day dreading the next day, take action so that you are ready for the work week without having to sacrifice the entire day to worrying about getting up early and saying goodbye to the weekend. Add these things to your Sunday routine and your weekend will be great and your Monday morning won’t be quite as bad.

1. Turn Chores into a Social Event

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Instead of feeling like you waste your entire Sunday doing chores and not getting to spend time with your friends and family, turn those chores into social hour. Invite your best friend or sister to grocery shop with you or take a workout class with your significant other. You’ll still be getting things done, but you won’t feel like the day was wasted either.

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