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Avoid Black Cats and Broken Mirrors It's Unlucky Day ...

By Lyndsie

It looks like every country has its own designated Unlucky Day, and of course Friday the 13th is considered ominous, but did you know that December 31 is Unlucky Day in the United States? There's no real reason why such a negative holiday occurs on the same day as New Year's Eve, and there's no evidence pointing out why it's such an unlucky day.

Certainly the good vibes created by New Year's Eve will keep the bad luck at bay, but just in case, here are some handy tips:

Don't open umbrellas inside. Ask your black cats to please stay behind or beside you. Be careful around your mirrors. Avoid open ladders. Stay away from any cracks in the sidewalk (this is for your mom's sake). And I don't know, maybe Daft Punk can give you a little luck:

If anyone in your group of friends has a tendency to be a Bad Luck Brian, take extra precautions. Maybe find some four-leaf clovers. Do you feel lucky, stalkers?

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