7 Decorating Tips That Only the Best Interior Designers Know ...


Since my mom is a decorating whiz and a real estate agent, she gets all the best decorating tips and gives them out too! We also get lots of decorating magazines at our home and I love sifting through them to get great advice. There’s nothing like giving your room a little extra pizzazz! It just makes you feel like a new woman. Below you’ll find some of my favorite tips from one of the best decorating magazines in the country, which are all ones not even my mom had heard of before she read them. Incorporate a few of these top decorating tips from the best designers in the country, and you’ll find just how fun and simple home decorating can be. Your home is your sanctuary, so honor it and decorate it with style!

1. Arrange Your Room around the Sitting Area

One of the best decorating tips by interior designer DD Allen is to first pick where you want your main sitting area to be in a room, and then decorate the rest of your items around that. Featured in House Beautiful magazine, this tip is one I think is simple and very useful! For instance, if you have an open floor plan like we do, you may find it difficult to fit a couch, love seat, recliner and a television in the room if the area is laid out awkwardly with the kitchen or other adjoining rooms. You don’t want your guests walking straight into your sofa, or leaving the kitchen and walking into a room face to face with the television. Instead, pick where you want your sitting area to be and focus on moving the other items around that so things will be cozy, accessible, and easy on the eyes.

Add Art
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