Dear Santa 🎅🏻 ...How to Write 📝 a Grown up Christmas 🎄 List ...


Lists are crucial to make any shopping trip go smoothly. When you're little, it was necessary to make a wish list so your parents would know exactly what toys to get you. Now that you're an adult, get creative with your list. Write more than your typical gifts with these top gift ideas for your wish list.

1. It's Time to Upgrade

If you're tired of using broken dishes and sheets from your college days, this is the perfect time to ask for adult versions and upgrade. It's easy to overlook because you already have these items, but you and I both know it's time for a change. Gift registries are great places to start if you don't know what kitchen essentials you'll need, or how many sheets and pillows you'll need for your bedroom--people working in these departments will be extra helpful in showing you what the top items are for each part of your home.

Personalize Your Space
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