7 Characters to Cosplay at Comic Con This Year ...

There are tons of characters to cosplay at comic con this year, so many that my mind is in a frenzy! Being such a nerd, I am in love with too many fictional characters to choose between. If you’re a newbie attending comic con this year, you’re going to need a costume. If you need any ideas, here are 7 characters to cosplay at comic con this year!

1. Princess Leia – Star Wars

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Princess Leia is one of the most popular characters to cosplay at Comic Con. She resonates with a lot of fans because they grew up watching her be a really strong female character. I think recreating this character is fairly easy and everyone will know who you are cosplaying. This character is great if you’d rather go the more conservative route than all those comic book female characters with their tasteless costumes.

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