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7 Fun Reasons to Cosplay ...

By Alison

Many people have discovered some of the fun reasons to cosplay. Dressing up isn't just for kids, so if you're invited to cosplay, give it a go! You could discover a really enjoyable hobby, and meet all kinds of cool, amazing, creative people. Here are some of the many reasons to cosplay …

1 Fun

One of the reasons to cosplay is that it's really good fun. You get to dress up, play one of your favorite characters and meet lots of other people who are also dressed up and having fun. Some of the costumes are pretty impressive, so go along to a cosplay event and see what people can come up with. You're bound to see some costumes you like!

2 Sociable

Cosplay is a very sociable world, where you can meet lots of people who share your interests. If you're new in town or need to make some new friends, go to a cosplay event and you'll get to know many new friends. So you'll have new pals to go to your next event with!

3 Dressing up

Why should kids have all the fun? Some of the costumes at cosplay events are truly amazing, and the wearers clearly enjoy putting a lot of thought into their outfits. So if you've ever wanted to dress up as Daenerys Targaryen or the Black Widow, here's your chance. Our everyday outfits can be pretty dull, so bring some adventure into your wardrobe!

4 Creative

Cosplay participants are very creative people, and often go to great lengths to make their costume as authentic as possible. You might be surprised at how much you enjoy letting your creative side loose. Even if you think your creative and sewing skills aren't up to much, you can still create an interesting costume - and your skills will soon improve.

5 Imagination

How often do you get a chance to really use your imagination? There are so many characters you can base your look on, drawing inspiration from comic books, movies and books. You can really let your imagination loose and create whatever look you want. Perhaps you think that a movie character's costume wasn't quite right; if so, you can alter it so that it looks as you imagined it should.

6 Variety

There is so much potential when you're into cosplay; you could choose a different costume for every event if you wish! You can be whoever you want to be for a time, and you're not restricted in any way. You can even switch gender if you want - or be a non-human character!

7 Escapist

We all have stresses in our lives, so cosplay offers the chance to escape from our responsibilities and have fun. That's something that everyone needs. What's wrong with getting away from the stress of everyday life? So put together a costume and join up with other cosplayers for a fun day!

If you've dismissed cosplay as something for overgrown kids and comic book nerds, go along to an event and give it a go. You never know - you could get hooked on cosplay if you give it a chance. Lots of people enjoy themselves at cosplay events for all of the reasons above, so try it yourself and discover this world of imagination and fun. What would be your perfect cosplay character?

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