10 Best Songs to Make Your Day Better ...


Best Songs can be anything that puts you in a good mood, makes all of your stress melt away and just makes you sing along. I listen to everything from country (don't laugh – it's only sometimes and only by myself) all the way to rap (I heart Eminem – come on, his best songs are better than most!) and all of it changes my mood. Below, I'm gonna talk about some of the best songs that have gotten me through some of the worst days!

1. Pocketful of Sunshine by Natasha Bedingfield


Easy A is honestly one of my favorite movies. Darling little Emma Stone – she's beautiful, witty and I love her characters in everything she does! She coined this song in Easy A and I love her for it! This is easily one of the best songs that get me in the mood to conquer the world and take on anything that hits me. Am I getting yelled at for 20 minutes by a Bridezilla? Take me away to better days – that line works every single time!

Inside out by Eve 6
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