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Basic Conversation Skills That Help You Talk to Anyone ...

By Clarrie

Every girl needs some basic conversation skills that will help you to talk to anyone. When it comes to making new friends and simply getting by in the world on a day to day basis, the power of conversation is one of the most important skills for any person to have. Those who are most confident in their ability to strike up a conversation and talk openly are usually those who are more successful in life, and aside from success, it also means that you can feel more comfortable in an environment where your very nearest and dearest might not necessarily be present. We are not all born with the gift of the gab. It definitely takes some fine tuning to master, so here are a few basic conversation skills that will help you to talk to anyone.

1 Good First Impression

Making a good impression in the first few minutes of meeting someone can buy you lots of time when it comes to calming down and working your way into a social situation. Good tips for this are to stand up straight, make as much eye contact as possible, and overall be friendly, confident and inquisitive about the other person. This is one of the top basic conversation skills that will help you to talk to anyone.

2 Pay Attention

Make sure that you pay attention to both the person you are trying to communicate with and the atmosphere of the overall situation. Try to avoid doing things like looking at your watch, checking your phone every thirty seconds and repeatedly scanning the room for other people that you might know more intimately. Your focus should be on the one person who you are talking to at the moment!

3 Don’t Plan Ahead Too Much

You can physically see it when you are talking to a person who is spending more time thinking about what they are going to say next than listening to what you are actually saying, so it is important that you don’t get caught doing this yourself. If you think too far ahead, then a conversation is never going to be allowed to develop naturally. If it goes in a way that you weren’t expecting, for example, then you will be thrown off and come across as really awkward.

4 Turn the Spotlight

Always try to turn the spotlight on the person that you are talking to rather than yourself. This works in two ways, the first being that they will appreciate being asked questions about themselves, and the second being that it takes the pressure off of you to have to hold court and do the bulk of the talking if you are nervous to do so.

5 Don’t over Compliment

It’s always a good idea to start out with a compliment, how much you love their hair or their outfit, but don’t rely on complimenting as a crutch for starting a conversation because overdoing it can become a little awkward. If you are constantly searching for things to compliment about a person, then it shows that you are in your own head and not really connecting with them in the moment.

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