Top 10 Websites to Use if You Want to Improve Grammar ...

By Sonya

Top 10 Websites to Use if You Want to Improve Grammar ...

This is an article that features websites that will allow you to improve your grammar and punctuation. The websites each do things their own way, and therefore it would not have been fair to rank them so this list is in no particular order. Some of the websites are good for people who are unsure of their grammar and punctuation, and others are for people who are a little more advanced with it comes to punctuation and grammar.

1 ChicagoManualOfStyle

This is a nice app for learning the Chicago writing and referencing style. It also has forums where you can ask and learn more about grammar and punctuation. It can be very helpful for people who are still struggling with things such as sentence logic, or people who are struggling with the particulars of the Chicago style. There are several tools on the website that will help you to proofread your work.

2 DailyGrammar

This is a website that will allow you to keep your grammar skills and knowledge up to date. It has lots of lessons on the website, so that you may keep your knowledge fresh. It also has a lot of quizzes and tests that you can take. It is a nice little website for keeping your knowledge up to date and is great for people who are just learning how to correctly do their spelling and grammar.

3 Dr.Grammar

This is a website that has been created by a language facility within a university. It is a good resource for writers who wish to improve their punctuation and grammar. The website has a high number of questions and answers, and they also give their take on some of the grammatical questions that seem to constantly be in flux, such as the finite roles/facets of the hyphen.

4 GrammarBook

This is a site that will help you to improve your grammar. This is an informative site that gives you lessons in grammar. It gives you grammar rules as if they are little modular packets of information. It also has a blog, writing tips and lots of little quizzes that you can take part in. The site is more informative than it is fun, but it clearly tries not to be stuffy.

5 GrammarGirl

This is an easy to use website that a few younger people use. It is good for helping people decide what sort of words to use, and explains a few of the rules behind grammar and punctuation. There are a few helpful hints on the website, and you can even subscribe to their grammar newsletter if you so wish.

6 Grammarly

This is a very expensive website that has a grammar tool embedded into it. The tool is actually quite unremarkable, and there are others that are actually better at picking out grammatical mistakes. This website gets a mention however because it is very focused on picking out style problems. It may list a high number of style issues that you may wish to address within your writing.

7 LousyWriter

This site has lots of tips and help for writers of varying levels. It has a section that focuses on grammar, and another that focuses on writing styles, another on punctuation, speech, capitalization and other such issues. You will also notice that it has a high number of tutorials and other seminars.

8 PurdueOnlineWritingLab

This website harnesses over 200 resources and is probably one of the best online grammar and spelling websites of all time. It is also good at explaining the grammar and punctuation rules that may be applied to both UK and US grammar. It has information on how different punctuation is used and answers a lot of those difficult grammar and punctuation problems.

9 WritingForward

This is a blog that has been created by a writer. The blogger has built up a library of posts on a number of different grammar and punctuation issues. The writer has also written a lot of posts on style, creative writing, and general writing skills.

10 Grammar

If you want to improve your grammar as well as your overall writing, Grammar is packed with tips and tricks. It also has a simple grammar check tool right at the top of the front page so it’s always handy.

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