Top Minion Names with Fun Facts to Laugh out Loud to ...


Top Minion Names with Fun Facts to Laugh out Loud to ...
Top Minion Names with Fun Facts to Laugh out Loud to ...

If you have never come across these tiny little yellow creatures, you must have been living under a rock. These adorable little creatures are from the 2010 movie, Despicable Me. They are super cute and are known for their mischievous behavior. They have quickly become the audiences' favorites with their funny antics. Here are the top minion names and some fun facts about them.

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Loves missiles, rockets and ice cream.
Hates waiting.
Loves playing computer games.



Has spiky hair.
Gets scared easily.
Plumper than the rest of the minions.


Jerry's spiky hair definitely makes him stand out from the crowd, giving him that extra bit of edgy appeal – quite literally! Among the Minions, he can often be found jumping at the slightest sound or shadow, showcasing his rather skittish nature. Despite being on the plumber side (which is just more of him to love!), this lovable character doesn't let it slow him down. In fact, he embraces his unique shape with gusto, often seen waddling with purpose on his next misadventure. Jerry, with his quirky traits, is a testament to the idea that it's our individual idiosyncrasies that make us truly special.



Innocent and faithful.
Loves to play and laugh.
Has only one eye.



He is quite expressive.
Has one eye.



He is more mature than the rest of the minions.
He dresses up smartly.



The happiest minion.
Loves being kissed by Agnes.
Dressed up as a maid and cleaned the house.



He is the mother of the group.
Loves to sing karaoke songs.


Mark is a loyal and dedicated minion who loves to make people laugh. He is known for his great singing voice and is often seen singing karaoke songs. Mark is always looking for new and creative ways to make people smile. He is also a great listener and is always willing to lend an ear to anyone who needs it. He is a natural leader and brings a sense of camaraderie to any group. He is a great team player and loves to work together to achieve a common goal. Mark is a true friend who is always there to lend a helping hand.



He loves Gru the most.
The smallest minion.
He is not the sharpest.



He drank an anti-gravity serum once and is orbiting the Earth at the moment.
Has a stuffed teddy bear named Tim.



Likes to skateboard.
Loves making loud noises.



He likes to scan his butt.
Dressed up as a fireman once.



His head is stuck in a jelly jar in the whole movie.
Likes to dance to Y.M.C.A.



Likes to play video games.



He works hard and is obedient.


In the bustling world of Minions, Mike stands out as the epitome of dedication. Whether he's embarking on an adventure or tackling a day-to-day task, his work ethic never falters. His unwavering willingness to follow instructions has made him a favorite among his peers. Mike's ability to remain focused and his keen attention to detail are truly commendable—traits that every successful Minion aspires to have! With his signature attire and endearing personality, Mike often leaves an impression of quiet fortitude and unquestioning loyalty that reinforces why these little yellow bundles of energy are so beloved.



A cleanliness freak.

Who is your favourite minion?

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