8 Awe-Inspiring Nature Photographs to Boost Your Mood ...

It’s been rated as one of the best mood-boosters there is, and most people can’t get enough of it... so why do we see more photographs of drunken celebrities than inspiring nature photographs?! Next time you are feeling low, need a burst of inspiration or just want to admire something truly beautiful, check out the National Geographic photograph awards. There are just so many gorgeous nature photographs, and they are sure to make you feel amazing! Here are some of my faves…

1. Innocence and Wonder

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Okay, so this one has caused some controversy, with many disagreeing over whether it ought to be included with the other nature photographs or not. One thing is certain – it’s one of those pictures that completely captures your attention. Taken in Moc Chau, Vietnam, this black-and-white snapshot was taken in January 2012. You’d never guess, though, with the photo lacking any modern touches, and the scene having a distinct memory-like feeling. What I really love, though, is the look on the children’s faces. Balloons seem to make kids endlessly happy – all over the globe.

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