8 Super Suggestions for How to Look Good in Every Photo ...


8 Super Suggestions for How to Look Good in Every Photo ...
8 Super Suggestions for How to Look Good in Every Photo ...

I think we’d all like to know the secret to how to look good in every photo, right? If a picture is worth a thousand words then I want to make sure those words say something positive about us! There’s nothing worse than getting all gussied up for a photo, only to be totally unhappy with the end result! Let’s learn how to look good in every photo so we’ll never be ashamed to be tagged in a photo again!

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Smile Gently

If you want to know how to look good in every photo, experts will suggest that it’s crucial to master a gentle smile. You don’t want to smile so big that your eyes end up squinting or your facial muscles look tense. There’s nothing wrong with candid shots that show a genuine smile. But, smiling gently where your face looks relaxed and your mouth is slightly opened looks natural and flattering! Some people find putting your tongue behind your teeth and smiling helpful in relaxing your face.


Avoid Shadows

Dark shadows can make even the best photo look awkward and unflattering. If there is light hitting you from above, it can create shadows under your eyes which can look like you’ve been up all night, not cute. To look good in pictures, always try to stand away from overhead lights and stand behind the sun so there aren’t any unexpected shadows in your photo!


Stand Tall

I always forgot to stand up straight when I was taking pictures and I always hated how they turned out. Not only did I look shorter and awkward but it didn’t do my figure any favors, either! Standing or sitting up straight for pictures will help ensure that you look lean, tall and have good posture! Photographers also suggest turning your body slightly, as facing the camera straight-on can make your body look wider.


Be a Copy Cat

Celebrities always know how to look good in pictures, so why not learn from the best?! Flip through some magazines or look at red carpet photos online to study the smiles and poses of your favorite celebrities. Chances are, you’ll see that many celebs have their trademark poses and tend to stick with them in their photos. Try them for yourself and see what works for you!


Eyes Wide Shut

I have the worst timing when it comes to flashes so I always had my eyes open until it was time to take the picture! If you have the same problem or if you feel like you look tense in your photos, a great trick is to keep the eyes closed until it’s time to take the picture. This way, you appear more relaxed and your eyes won't feel the need to blink right when it’s time to take the photo!


Eat, Sleep and Drink Well

If you know you’re going to be taking a photo the next day, the best things to do are to sleep well and drink lots of water the night before. No matter how good your concealer is, it’s not going to cover up those darned under eye circles, under eye bags or dull skin! Also, avoid too much sodium the night before and stay hydrated so your skin looks fresh!


Avoid Looking Directly at the Lens

It might seem like a good idea to look straight into the camera and sometimes it works. Generally, photographers will say photos look best when you look slightly above or under the camera. Looking directly at the camera lens can also cause the dreaded red eye effect, which is not hot!


Be Confident

Lastly and perhaps most importantly, be confident! You know you look good so let the photo show how calm and cool you are! Don’t get consumed with all the details in how to look good in every photo because it’ll show. It’s good to keep these tips in mind but don’t let them ruin your day or evening.

We all want to look good in pictures and there’s nothing wrong with that! Keep these simple yet effective tips in mind to capture your best photo yet! Makeup is important but the way you stand, smile and pose can make just as big of a difference! What are your best tips on how to look good in photos?

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@Sheila Joseph you're very welcome! Happy to help out!

Thats alot to remember

#5 really cool one!

Great article! I'll be keeping these tips in mind since I have a photo shoot coming next month!

Hi I am new here and already disagreeing with someone (sorry AWP) I think make up can be a godsend in photography. What would make someone look like a clown in real life, can look perfectly normal in photo.

aAAh ! my favourite interest.. i.e, posing all time for pictures !! @nd @nd @nd these tips somewhat helped me ... thanks ;)

Number 5 <3

As a photographer, your most crucial tip missing for woman: less is a LOT more if you wear makeup! Nones the best but don't cake it on! We will just have to edit the crud out of your face! And remember its ALL about the lighting!!! Natural or artificial, see how you look in it, then decide on hair, outfit

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