A Scream Queen's Guide to Cleaning ...


With all that blood and gore, it’s no wonder that the Scream Queens can be considered expert cleaners. Their gorgeous Chanel coats never seem to escape the detritus of their maniacal lives for long. You might not live a gore-fest existence but you can make use of the cleaning tips from the Scream Queens and learn how often you should wash certain everyday items.

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Hand Towels

When thinking about how to clean like a Scream Queen, it’s surely a given that their hand towels are going to need a wash two to three days. With all that blood and the fact they live in the bathroom, they’re bound to get moist and gross!


Bath Towels

Let’s be honest, all college students are dirty, and when it comes to the antics that the Scream Queens get up to they are bound to be more filthy than the average! Giving bath towels a good wash after 4 or 5 uses is probably the way to go.


Dish Towels

When you think about it, dish towels are basically little garbage cans that you carry around to wipe up bacteria but also to leave bacteria behind if they get too dirty. God forbid how dirty the Scream Queen’s dish towels must be! To be on the safe side of bad bacteria you want to wash them every single week.


Bed Sheets

You really should be washing your bed sheets once every week. All sorts of detritus can build up in your bed linen and it really is not nice. What’s the point of being pristine in your personal hygiene if you climb into a dirty bed?



Though it doesn’t get as dirty as your bed sheets or your duvet cover, if you have a comforter you still want to make sure that it gets a good cleaning every now and then. You might even be able to get away with once every six months, but like our Scream Queens, it depends how naughty you are being!



I’m sure the Scream Queens have their fair share of nightmares, so to make their and your nights more pleasant, you should really be aiming to clean your pillows once every five or sixth months, and of course, you should be washing your pillow cases much more often than that.


Makeup Brushes

For Chanel and co, it is all about looking killer, killer being a particular fitting word considering the characters! If you want to look as fresh-faced then it’s a good idea to clean your make up brushes thoroughly at least once a month to avoid a buildup of unwanted bacteria.



Any Scream Queen worth her salt will tell you that a great fitting and fresh feeling bra is an essential item of clothing, and the trick is to hand wash after every three or four wears. The harshness of the washing machine can sometimes damage delicates beyond repair.



Jeans don’t need to be washed very often, perhaps six or seven wears, otherwise the denim will fade and look as lifeless as one of the Scream Queen’s many unfortunate victims!


Your Mouth

Every single day of the week, and I’m not talking about brushing your teeth! If you are true Scream Queen, then you are going to need to wash your mouth out regularly simply because of all the evil murder plotting that you have been doing!

Clean don’t scream!

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