The Secret Benefits of Decluttering for Women Who Need More Space ...


"A cluttered desk is a cluttered mind", or so they say. But that saying does ring true on so many levels and areas of life! Many people like to excuse away their mess and clutter and call it a carefree lifestyle, and that may be the case! But taking the time to declutter your home can be seriously therapeutic for both the body and mind. It can even add a ton of extra space and open up your home in a positive way. Listed below are some major benefits of decluttering, so keep reading! 👀

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Your Mind Will Be Clear 🙇

Have you ever experienced major brain fog when you're trying to be productive at home? A part of it could be the simple distraction of being home, but another likely cause is the clutter in your house! Disorder and a chaotic/unorganized environment are simply not conducive to productivity. We are greatly impacted by the environment around us, especially the place we retreat to for relaxing. Take the time to declutter for your mental health and watch your ability to focus (and the feeling of being "free") go through the roof!


Stress and Anxiety 👇

Stress and anxiety take a toll on the human body, there's no getting around that. And a chaotic environment will produce just that- anxious feelings. The stress of needing to clean/organize will always be looming, as will the associated anxiety. Make it a priority to organize your home and your stress levels will dramatically decrease. 👍🏽


Your Digestive Functions Will Improve 🤓

Speaking of stress and anxiety, these emotions negatively impact the body, including your digestive function due to the gut-brain connection. Crazy, huh? As your stress decreases (due to decluttering) your body has more energy to function properly. You're likely to experience less bloating, better digestion and a decrease in inflammation. 👌🏽


Say 👋🏼 to Harmful Pathogens!

The more stuff you have around your house, be it decorative items or stuff that needs to be put away, means more dust, bacteria and other pathogens that could be lurking around in dark places. Mold and fungus are particularly harmful for your health! With an organized home, cleaning is much easier and you'll be able to avoid the growth and collection of harmful pathogens.


You'll Have More Energy! 💃🏻

Never underestimate the power your mental state has on your physical state! If you're exhausting mental energy on stress, caused by constant clutter, you will have less energy to complete other important tasks and less energy overall. Often times I feel totally overwhelmed and I mmobilized in a cluttered environment! So, take it from experience: organize your space and discover new levels of energy!


Relationships Will Improve 👌🏽👯

Do you avoid inviting friends and family over because your house is in constant chaos? I have close family members who've isolated themselves because they are immobilized in their clutter. Along with that comes anti-social tendencies, and naturally so- when you're embarrassed about your home, you're not going to make much effort to have guests over. Tidying up and organizing your house will have a ripple effect on your relationships because you'll be more likely to play host!


Decision-making Will Be Easier! 💁🏻📝

And finally, once you've pushed past your obstacles and cleared your home of clutter, you'll be surprised to find your mind is also "decluttered"! It's a psychological phenomenon that our environment greatly impacts our mood, emotions and mental state. Clarity of thought is just one, yet awesome, perk of living in an organized home!

There's always extremes in life, even when it comes to being clean and organized (or lack thereof). Moderate living is freedom because you're able to enjoy life while still maintaining stability. Organize your home, but leave room for it to be a home and not a museum. 🙌🏻💕

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