7 Simple Strategies to Help Busy Women Find the Time to Slow down ...


7 Simple Strategies to Help Busy Women Find the Time to Slow down ...
7 Simple Strategies to Help Busy Women Find the Time to Slow down ...

If you're always trying to beat the clock, you may feel overwhelmed and burnt out. Many people struggle to keep up with their lives. Between work, school and family, it’s hard to squeeze in everything they need to do. Does this sound familiar?

You might think there’s no way to improve your hectic schedule, but there are simple strategies to free up your time.

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Realize It's a Choice

person, Take, easy, Some people might laugh at this notion, but the truth is, being busy is sometimes a choice we make. This is because some people knowingly take on too much. For example, if you have a full class and work schedule, you probably don't have a lot of time for extracurricular activities. Yet, you might sign up for several activities during the week -- which take more of your time and leave you worn out.

Take a close look at your schedule and seriously consider whether you can drop some of your activities.


Plan Your Day

guitarist, screenshot, If you go about your day aimlessly without a plan, you might jump from task to task and never complete anything. And because you're unable to finish projects, it can seem as if your day drags on. Every night before bed, create a schedule for the next day. Also, assign time limits to these tasks to avoid spending too much time on a single project. This gives your day structure and helps you stay focused.


Schedule Rest

human action, person, mouth, muscle, hand, This is easier said than done. But if your schedule is crazy and you don't have any time to breathe, make sure you pencil in rest. Even if it's just 10 or 15 minutes to clear your head and take a walk outside, this can provide a quick energy boost to help you get through the day.


Learn How to Say No

person, official, speech, NO!, If you have a full plate, learning how to say no is another effective way to become less busy. Friends and family may infringe on your personal time. Even if you don't mind lending a helping hand, it's important to recognize your limitations. If you spread yourself too thin, you'll be tired, frustrated and feel as if you never have a break.


Simplify Your Life

Now,, walk, away, strong, and, Then again, maybe you're too busy because you have to work around the clock just to support your lifestyle. If you're running on empty, it might help to simplify your life. If you can reduce some of your expenditures, you might be able to work less and enjoy more free time. This can include downsizing to a cheaper home, getting rid of an expensive car payment or curbing a shopping habit.


Ask for Help

beauty, glasses, vision care, brown hair, Help, This can apply to your professional and personal life. Talk to your boss and let him know that you're overwhelmed. Maybe he can assign some of your tasks to an employee who doesn't have as much to do. And if you're overwhelmed at home, speak up and ask your family for help.


Wake up Earlier

human action, person, child, product, bedtime, Starting your day earlier is another way to feel less busy. If you can't eliminate a task from your schedule, yet there isn’t enough time to complete everything, try waking up one or two hours earlier and get your day started sooner.

Everyone gets busy from time to time. But if you’re always busy and you never have time for yourself, the above tips can help you come up with a schedule that doesn't overwhelm you.

What are other practical ways to feel less busy?

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Valencia, you make the best inspiration and money articles on here! Always on point, thank you

Great advice and say no for a good reason that feels right for you not for the sake of just saying no!

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