Super-Clever Tips💡❗️That Make Downsizing a Darned Sight Easier♻️🚮 ...

When you're downsizing, you need to get rid of a lot of your belongings. You simply won't have enough space in your new, smaller home, so it makes sense not to move everything from your old house. Otherwise you'll find yourself desperately trying to find a space to store everything, and end up cramming any storage space with boxes. Try these tips when you're downsizing …

1. Don't Store Your Belongings

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It may be tempting to put some of your belongings in storage when you're downsizing, especially larger pieces of furniture. But chances are you'll end up leaving everything just where it is, rather than moving it later. So you'll be paying storage fees for things that you're not going to use. Only store items that you know you will definitely use later and don't have space for.

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