5 Things to Remove from Your Bedroom if You Want a Sanctuary ...


5 Things to Remove from Your Bedroom if You Want a Sanctuary ...
5 Things to Remove from Your Bedroom if You Want a Sanctuary ...

Our homes are meant to be places of peace and sanctuary but without us even meaning it to happen, they have become the very opposite! That's why I'm here to tell you what to remove from your bedroom to make it a sanctuary.

With all the crazy technology and gadgets we have that make connection to the outside world easier then ever before, there really isn’t much difference being on the computer at work and coming home to sit on your couch and doing the very same thing. This kind of connection is unavoidable, but somewhere I think you should be trying to limit this, is in the bedroom. I believe that the bedroom should be for two things only, sleeping and romantic intimacy. You can make it more of a haven by figuring out what to remove from your bedroom to make it a sanctuary.

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When you ask yourself what to remove from your bedroom to make it a sanctuary, your first answer should be the TV. Like I said, sleeping and sexy time are what belong in there, so for which of those two activities do you need to have a television in the corner!? Not only can a television turn you in to a bit of zombie, both in the sense that it steals all of your attention and keeps you up to the early hours, but its constant stream of bad world news can be a real drag. It's definitely something that you don’t need in a bedroom sanctuary.



Try your best to leave your work, both in physical form and conversation form, out of the bedroom. You want this to be the one place that you can escape to and unwind from the pressures of the world, and bringing your work into that sanctuary will only help to destroy the calm and peace. Keep things in your office or another area of the house as much as you can.


Social Media

We all like to have our phones in our bedrooms for alarm or emergency call purposes, and that’s understandable, but make a rule that no forms of social media are allowed to be engaged with once you are under the duvet. The zombie-like scrolling on a smartphone can take hours of potential sleep away, and it can become unhealthy mentally, not to mention the strain on your eyes in the dark!



Okay, this one might sound a little harsh given you have already banished television and social media, but hear me out! When you get in to a really great book, hours and hours can go by without you even realising it, and before you know it, you are twenty chapters in and you’ve only got 3 hours before you have to be out of bed and get ready for work! Take away that temptation completely by leaving books in the living room.



We all love our pets, and we want them to be as comfortable as possible, but that often means at the expense of ourselves! Even the tiniest kitten finds a way to disturb your sleep, so be strict and shut the door at the end of the evening. Your pet will get over it!

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Never gonna happen. This sounds like making your room sterile, not a sanctuary.

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