7 Things Women with Organized Closets Always do ...


7 Things Women with Organized Closets Always do ...
7 Things Women with Organized Closets Always do ...

I dream of having a perfectly organized closet and with this inside info, I’m getting there. You can absolutely do the same thing. Having an organized closet is more than cleaning it out every 6 months. It’s a system you follow so never have the need to clean out your closet again.

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Use It or Lose It

Use It or Lose It Women with organized closets don’t have clothes that’re out of style or ill-fitting in them. They strictly follow a use it or lose it philosophy. If they aren’t wearing it then it’s got to go. There’s a statistic that says we wear 20% of our clothes, 80% of the time and that’s usually pretty accurate. If you have clothing in your closet that you never wear, move it out and make room for the clothing you do love.


Group like with like

Group like with like You won’t find an organized closet without a system to keep things in a specific place. While there’s lots of room for what works for you individually, there’re 2 main strategies that seem to work extremely well. One is to group like with like in your closet such as having categories of jeans, pants, shorts, skirts, sweaters, tees, tanks and camis. The other organizational strategy groups colors together so you can easily look for a color you want to wear or notice what color you need more of.


Face All Their Hangers the Same Way

Face All Their Hangers the Same Way This’s a little thing that has a big impact. Face all your hangers the same way in your closet. Not only do the hangers look better but the way the clothes line up do as well. You’ll have less mess and tangles of clothing to sort out. Appearance is a big thing and walking into a neat closet will make you feel calm and serene with your wardrobe versus stressed and impatient.


Hang Rejected Clothing Back up

Hang Rejected Clothing Back up You try something on and it’s not right for the day so you grab another hanger. We’ve all been there! Sometimes an outfit just doesn’t give the feel you want. The trick here is to hang your clothes back up instead of flinging them to the floor in frustration. No one wants to come back hours later and deal with the mess. Hanging up rejected clothing immediately saves you from that.


Have a System in Place for Shoes

Have a System in Place for Shoes I have a pet peeve. I hate seeing shoes stacked on top of one another! It ruins their shape and appearance. Have a system in place to keep your shoes neat and tidy so they aren’t littering the floor of your closet. I’ve got an over-the-door shoe keeper and a shoe rack in my closet.


Use Their Closet Only for Clothing and Accessories

Use Their Closet Only for Clothing and Accessories You aren’t going to find old college textbooks, Christmas decorations or memorabilia in an organized woman’s closet. Not that those things aren’t important to her; they are. But the place for them is in a storage area used less frequently than her personal closet. Take a hint from this and move anything not related to your wardrobe out. You’ll be amazed at the space you free up by doing this.


Add Special Little Touches Such as a Touch of Décor or a Nice Fragrance

Add Special Little Touches Such as a Touch of Décor or a Nice Fragrance You want your closet to have a nice atmosphere. While you don’t want to put the effort into it that you do decorating your bedroom, don’t totally neglect it either. Add a print you like to a blank space on the wall. Choose storage solutions that aren’t only practical but pretty, too. Doing these things can make you feel like your closet is your own little oasis.

These’re 7 things women with organized closets always do. What’s the current state of your closet? Which of these tips are you going to use?

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