Ways to Banish Negative Energy from Your Home ...


Ways to Banish Negative Energy from Your Home ...
Ways to Banish Negative Energy from Your Home ...

Just as your friends can get you down and your job can give you the blues, so can your home add to your state of ennui. Whether it’s a dorm room, a shared apartment or your own cozy little pad, your home should be a sanctuary where you feel safe and warm and fuzzy. It shouldn’t give off negative vibes that depress you. Banish negative energy from your home and you’ll get an instant mood boost. Some of these ways are a bit trippy and new age but, hey ho, it’s all fun …

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Try to Air Everything out

Open up all the windows and doors in your home and give it a good old-fashioned airing. It’s amazing what the human nose can actually get used to and you might not even know that your house is getting a little stale. The newer, fresher air can give you a great boost of energy.


Get Rid of All Clutter

Bite the bullet and dedicate a whole day to getting rid of all the clutter in your home. Whether it’s organizing your desk or going through your insanely messy closet, you will feel much better afterwards.


Add More Mirrors to Your Home

The more mirrors and reflective surfaces there are around your home, the bigger and more spacious it will look. Bigger spaces feel much less oppressive and potentially negative than smaller ones that can feel claustrophobic.


Burn Some Atmospheric Incense

Burning incense is a great and subtle way of changing the atmosphere and vibe of a room. There are so many different scents and flavors to choose from that you will definitely find something to calm your specific needs.


Stick to Neutral Color Schemes for Decorating

You don’t want anything too vibrant that is going to cause a disturbance in the calm vibe of your home. Stick to neutrals and there will be no chance of a color clash. FI you have a wall or space that is too bright, make it a weekend project to paint it out.


Remove or Repair Your Broken Things

It can be really off-putting and vibe killing to have to stare at a big broken chair or cracked counter all day long. Make an effort to fix things or remove them from your vision.


Spray Orange Scent around Your Home

The citrusy sweetness of orange has been proven to be really effective in lifting a person’s mood, so spray it around your home for an easy and quick way to try to start changing the vibe and atmosphere of the house.


Burn Some Sage in Your Home

This is an old Native American technique in which the act of burning sage can help to psychologically cleanse your home. Imagine the smoke as positive energy as it starts to drift and fill different areas.


Get into Using Crystals

Some people find real peace of mind by using crystals in their homes. Black Touraline is believed to dissolve negative energy, whilst Rose Quartz can replace negative emotions with positive ones.


Ring a Bell in a Room

It sounds a bit silly, but many people have talked about the benefits of ringing a single bell in a room and then visualizing the fading sound as all of the negative energy leaves the room.


Use a Lot of Yellow

Yellow is said to be a color that helps to neutralize bad energy in a room, so the more yellow you surround yourself with, the less likely you will be to pick up on a negative atmosphere.


Put Salt in the Corners of a Room

Pouring rock salt in to the corners of a room and leaving it there for 48 hours supposedly absorbs the negative energy, allowing it to be swept away with a vacuum or broomstick!


Do a Massive Spring Clean

You know what they say: a clear living space equals a clear mind, so make the effort to thoroughly spring clean your home and I have no doubts that you will feel a huge difference in mood when it is all finished and sparkling.


Take Sharp Edges out of Your Décor

Re-decorate or re-arrange your living areas with as few sharp edges as possible, opting instead for curved pieces of furniture that are not so aggressive to look at and don’t potentially cause negative energy.


Spiritually Protect Your Home Entrances

Those who are more spiritually inclined can get a bucket of water filled with lemon juice, salt and white vinegar and wipe all of their handles with it. This is said to protect entrances from incoming bad energy.

Try some of these things and let me know if you feel less negative.

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Interesting...I'm going to try some of these, try

Opps thanks

If i painted 4 walls and left the accent wall a light neutral would that make my room feel inviting and a little but bigger or would that make my room feel small? Please help thank you!!

Good clues to lift up my mood


You can try door chimes

I love it

I have a question i want to redo my walls i currently have white walls with pink bedding and pink curtains, i want to put brown on my walls, i'm thinking of a warm brown, would that make my room smaller, my room is really small, my bed, desk & desser.....

The one with the mirrors and ringing bells remind of horror movies for some reason xd

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