7 Awesome Ways to Keep in Touch with Friends ...


Whether your pals live in different states or your schedules just conflict, here are some ways to keep in touch with friends you can’t see in person.

With technology as advanced as it is, there’s no reason you can’t communicate.

Use your cell phone, game systems, and old fashioned letters to update them on your life.

Don’t lose touch with the people you love by using these ways to keep in touch with friends.

1. Make a Schedule

If you and your friend keep calling each other at the wrong time, try to set up a schedule.

One of the ways to keep in touch with friends is to find a day when you’re both free ahead of time so there’s no chance that you miss one another.

Or if you watch the same show as your buddy, text them during the commercials.

When it’s over, continue the conversation by talking about your lives.

By using a show as your reminder, you’ll never forget to talk at least once a week.

2. Roleplay

This one’s for anyone who likes to write.

Release your creative side by roleplaying on Tumblr, Omegle, or any other social website.

Create characters with exciting lives and interact with one other.

It’s a fun activity and will spice up your repetitive conversations about school or work.

You don’t even need to be online at the same time.

You can reply to one another whenever you have the time.

3. Skype

With the power of Skype, it’s almost like you’re together.

Your best friend can see you without makeup and you can hear that annoying laugh you miss.2

You can do almost anything you would’ve done with them in person, except for sharing food and cuddling.

When you’re forced to be apart, Skype is the best way to feel like you’re together.

So turn on that webcam!

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