7 Ways Not to Spoil Your Pet That Work ...


The ways not to spoil your pet I’m going to discuss today definitely work on my puppy, even despite the fact that my dad has this huge soft spot for him and uses every chance he gets to spoil the poor puppy rotten.

Now, I’m sure many pet owners will hate me for what I’m going to say, but I do believe loving your pet doesn’t mean you have to turn him/her into a mean, bad-headed pest.

There, I’ve said it, and if you happen to agree with me and plan on getting a pet yourself, let me offer a few tips on ways not to spoil your pet as a bonus:

1. There Should Be Some Food-Related Rules

There Should Be Some Food-Related Rules

One of the best ways not to spoil your pet and turn him into one of those overweight, always-hungry creatures is to introduce some food-related rules.

Do not feed your pet off the table or get him to believe that he will eat every time you do.

Different pets have different food requirements.

Some are allowed fruit, vegetables, fish and dairy, but I can’t think of a single species or breed that could thrive on French-fries, onion rings, hot dogs or bagels.

Seriously, it’s not just about making a point and raising your pet properly – it’s about keeping it healthy and that should be every pet owner’s priority!

2. Ban Shoe Fetching/Chewing

Ban Shoe Fetching/Chewing

Your pet can’t tell the difference between Jimmy Choos and Walmart house slippers, which means that if you allow him to chew up one pair of footwear, he’ll rightfully assume your entire shoe collection is available for chewing.

Put your shoes away while your pet is teething and purchase plenty of chew toys.2

3. Don’t Fall for the Puppy Face

Don’t Fall for the Puppy Face

I honestly believe our pets are way smarter than they are willing to let on!

My dog has his “whatever” face, the “you don’t have your wits about you today, woman” face, that sly “I took a dump somewhere upstairs and I’m waiting for you to discover it” face, then there’s that “how can you eat with me down here looking so cute and forlorn” face…and this is just the tip of the iceberg!

Sound familiar?

Don’t let it distract you because the moment your pet learns that you’ll fall for it, tables will turn!

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