7 Things Your Dog Wishes You Knew ...


Our dogs are some of the smartest beings in our lives, and some of the things your dog wishes you knew are some of the most basic in life.

The things that fulfill us the most can be found in the eyes of your dog.

Unconditional love, fun, and acceptance can be found within your faithful companion’s adoring gaze.

The things your dog wishes you knew will not only make you a better pet owner, but also a better person.

1. Snuggling is More Important than Bacon

One of the most important things your dog wishes you knew is that affection is the key to a happy life.

Your dog gets something out of this too.2

A rub behind her ear, a night of Turner & Hooch on the couch, or a summer afternoon swinging with your best four-footed friend on the porch also brightens the mood of your devoted pooch.

2. Going for a Meandering Walk is Good for the Soul

Truly, the saying about all those wander are not lost, is not lost on a dog.

Walking, finding interesting things to explore on the road of life, allowing a detour into the picture every once in a while, and just contemplating the roads less traveled are a dog’s specialties.

Have you noticed how a dog rarely seems worried?2

This may be why.

Going with the flow is the way to avoid forehead wrinkles.

Unless you’re a sharpei.

3. Dog Kisses Heal

A good dog kiss is the cure for the common cold, indigestion, and a broken heart, all rolled into one.2

Perhaps not, but it feels that way.

When the boss has been in the same bad mood for the past fourteen years, a kiss from Fido will make you feel like a worthwhile person again.

When the latest heating bill equals the national debt, a smooch from the pooch is priceless.

When the phone doesn’t ring, your pup will make you remember his woof is the most important call of your day.

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