These Imaginative Cartoons Will Make You Smile ...


You might recognize artist Christoph Niemann's name from his clever little book "I LEGO NY," but he's most known for his sketches in serious publications (like the New York Times).

When he's not busy being a serious adult grown-up artist, he's apparently imagining alternate-universe lives for the most ordinary objects.

Here are a few of his imaginative and smile-inducing wildlife-themed drawings.

1. Mr. Toucan

Mr. Toucan

2. A Panda

A Panda

3. The Giraffe

The Giraffe

4. Sock-a-Saurus Rex

Sock-a-Saurus Rex

5. Sir Bear

Sir Bear

6. Rhino


7. Senior Gato

Senior Gato

8. Prof. Lupin?

Prof. Lupin?

9. Bald Eagle

Bald Eagle

10. Most Annoying Mosquito

Most Annoying Mosquito

11. Running Bird

Running Bird

12. Poky Porcupine

Poky Porcupine

13. Extinct Bird

Extinct Bird

To see more of Niemann's work, follow him on Instagram at @abstractsunday.

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