10 Weird Ancient Alien Myths That Will Not Let You Sleep at Night ...


Many theorists back the stories about ancient aliens, claiming there is quite a lot of evidence of their existence. Have beings from another world truly visited our ancestors, or are all those stories just originating from a bunch of misinterpreted clues and hoaxes?

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The Vimanas

Ancient Sanskrit stories reveal one of the strangest ancient alien myths of all time, talking about unusual flying machines called Vimanas. What really makes these stories weird is that they were written thousands of years ago and they resemble modern UFO tales.


Experts and enthusiasts often delve into the Vedas—ancient sacred texts of India—to unearth descriptions that sound eerily similar to modern accounts of unidentified flying objects. Reflect on the Mahabharata, for example, where it speaks of celestial chariots emitting fearsome noises and bright lights. While skeptics dismiss these as embellished myths or misinterpretations, others can't help but shiver at the possibility that our ancestors may have encountered otherworldly visitors. These tales, with striking detail and consistency, continue to fuel the debate on the existence of aliens in our ancient past.



The city of Teotihuacan reveals that its builders had extensive knowledge of astronomy and astrology that far surpasses that of later cultures, with its pyramids mirroring the exact position of our Solar System's planets and Sun. Could their remarkable knowledge have come from beyond the stars?


The alignment of structures like the Pyramid of the Sun and the Pyramid of the Moon with celestial bodies suggests that the ancient inhabitants might have been in tune with a higher cosmic intelligence. This notion is further fueled by the mysterious, unexplained artifacts found at the site, which seem to defy simple explanation. Such discoveries have sparked wild theories, suggesting that these advanced astronomical concepts may have been imparted upon the Teotihuacans by ancient astronauts, adding to the allure and mystery of this enigmatic civilization nestled within the heart of Mexico.


Sumerians and the Annunaki

One of the oldest civilizations on Earth, the Sumerians believed they were genetically engineered by an alien race called the Annunaki to serve as workers for mining gold. This is probably one of the most well-known ancient alien myths.


The Waffle Rock

One of the most unusual myths about ancient aliens is linked to the Waffle Rock in West Virginia. A solid stone about 6 feet in height, with its bottom buried deep underground, this strange rock features a remarkable array of carvings that form a waffle-like pattern which some claim had to have been made using some form of advanced technology.


The petroglyphs on this enigmatic boulder have sparked fascination and wild theories amongst enthusiasts, suggesting that early extraterrestrial visitors left behind this intricate matrix as a sort of cosmic insignia or a map. The unexplained precision of the designs fuels the notion that prehistoric people could not have crafted such detail without some otherworldly assistance. Despite skeptical geologists offering natural explanations for the patterns, the Waffle Rock continues to beguile those who yearn for tangible connections to the stars.


Mystery Stone

Discovered in 1872, the New England Mystery Stone is a strange, egg-shaped stone that scientists know almost nothing about, even today. Its age, meaning, strange inscriptions, and even its method of carving has puzzled all those who have studied the stone, some of which hinting that it could be alien in origin.


The eerie aura of the Mystery Stone is only intensified by its intricate engravings, which feature what appear to be inverted arrows, a crescent moon, and various symbols that aren't easily deciphered. Some enthusiasts align these symbols with interstellar navigation charts, suggesting that the stone may have been a tool or a marker left by extraterrestrial visitors. Despite years of scrutiny, the stone refuses to unveil its secrets—continuing to spark the imaginations of those who believe the truth might be out there, etched in its weathered surface. And so, in the dead of night, it whispers of ancient civilizations and cosmic connections, urging us to look beyond our earthly confines to the stars for answers.


The Death Valley Underground City

In the 1800s, two explorers discovered a strange underground city in Death Valley, California, with artifacts similar to those in Ancient Egypt and well-preserved mummies more than 8 feet in height. The Paiute Indians have told of legends about the city, claiming it was inhabited more than 5,000 years ago by a race of mysterious people called the Shin-Au-Av.


Pacal's Sarcophagus

Pacal the Great, who ruled the Mayan city of Palenque, was buried inside a pyramid in a sarcophagus that became a classic Mayan work of art. Its carvings and artistic representations, however, seemed to show Pacal in a spaceship at the moment of take-off.


The Little People of North America

One strange alien myth from the past is told by Native American folklore that talks about a mysterious race of little people who had resided in North America. In 1932 a very small, well-preserved mummy was discovered just 60 miles southwest of Casper, in the state of Wyoming.


The small mummy found in Wyoming in 1932 was about 18 inches tall and had long, dark hair. It was initially thought to be an infant, but it was later determined that it was an adult of unknown origin. It is believed by some that it could be a member of the mysterious race of little people, known as the Little People of North America, that were part of Native American folklore. The Little People were believed to be magical creatures that lived in the mountains and could change their shape and size. They were also said to be able to communicate with animals and control the weather. Despite the discovery of the mummy, the existence of the Little People remains a mystery.


The Judaculla Rock

Yet another rock with mysterious markings, the Judaculla Rock is claimed by some to be more than 10,000 years old and containing messages from an alien civilization that may have visited the Earth a long time ago.


Located in North Carolina, this enigmatic artifact is covered in petroglyphs that baffle archaeologists and enthusiasts alike. The Cherokee Nation reveres the stone and believes it was carved by a legendary giant. Among the many theories, those inclined towards extraterrestrial explanations suggest that the patterns could be an ancient form of communication, an interstellar map, or even a warning left behind by visitors from the stars. The rock continues to intrigue and perplex, adding a layer of otherworldly mystery to the region and fueling the fires of alien mythology.


Puma Punku

Bolivia's Puma Punku is a field of stone ruins featuring enormous and very precisely carved stone blocks believed to have been manufactured by ancient aliens. According to experts, these stones would be extremely difficult to cut, even with modern technology, due to their incredible hardness and weight.

The existence of ancient aliens is still an extremely controversial topic today. What do you think of these myths? Do you think there may be some truth behind them?


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The Native American small people are known as woodladamooge those are kind of like elves but they are tricksters I am mikmaq and I know a lot about that stuff.

Love this kinda stuff, i don't know what to believe but this really makes you think that we really don't know anything . I have watched a few seasons of ancient aliens with my husband

The vimanas in the indian mythology was actually said to be the chariots of those Godly divine people.

The actual probability aliens exist is very high I mean consider how big the Milky Way is and that's just one galaxy! Out of so many planets we can't count who are we to say they don't exist

Great article, I wish more people would be more receptive to the idea of our true origins. Im reading "The Day After Roswell" written by Lt Phillip Corso who was in charge of the Roswell files about 14 years after the crash happened in '47. Smh, it will blow your mind!

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