9 Things That Are Sure to Give You Goosebumps ...


Goosebumps are a bit of a mystery really. You know what they are –bumps at the base of the hairs in our skin – hence the expression – make you hair stand on end. However, they are totally involuntary, You have no control over them and you certainly can’t make them happen or make them go away. Sometimes they occur with a racing heart, a few missed beats, chills running down the spine or even butterflies in the stomach. Sometimes goose bumps are merely a reaction to the cold. Other times they accompany emotions – times like these:

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Falling in Love

Probably one of the most precious and special things that give you goose bumps - those cold chills of excitement and anticipation when you first start to fall in love with somebody. These goose bumps are hard to come by but you’ll definitely know when it happens!


Listening to a Great Song

Do you ever get that feeling of goose bumpy euphoria if you’re are a concert or even at home and one of your favorite songs comes on? It also happens when you hear a fantastic song for the first time; music sure can do funny things to us.


Reading a Book

All lovers of literature will know what these particular goose bumps feel like. If you are engrossed in a brilliant book and suddenly a plot twist occurs or your suspicions are proved right, you can’t help but feel a cold chill of satisfaction run down your spine and appear on your arms!


Waiting for Results

Waiting for results is always nerve racking and goose bump inducing, whether it is a driving test, a school exam, or even a pregnancy test! It would be fair to say that very often the anticipation is much worse than the actual results, but our bodies sure do put us through the ringer whilst we wait.


Starting a New Job or School

No matter how confident a person you are, the prospect of starting in a new job or new school can certainly cause a few goose bumps to even the sturdiest of individuals. It is human nature to be nervous about being the new kid on the block, but your goose bumps should soon subside when you realize you fit in great.


General Excitement

Though getting goose bumps is most often associated with nervousness or fear, they can also be caused by being incredibly excited about something. You may find yourself getting goose bumps in the way to an event you have been eagerly awaiting, or when you wake up on Christmas morning or your Birthday.



And following on from the theme of excitement, what could be more exciting than your own wedding day? Goose bumps are often mentioned when a person recounts their special day, and who can blame them? It is arguably the biggest day of a person’s life at that point, and your body definitely lets you know it in a tingly mixture of excitement and nerves.


Ghost Stories

There is nothing better than a good old ghost story to get the goose bumps going! We all have a favorite scary story that we like to tell to inspire fear in our friends on a dark and windy night, and the scarier the story, the bigger and longer-lasting the goose bumps will be.


Thrill Rides

Going on thrill rides evokes a strange and unique emotion in people; one that combines absolute excitement with absolute fear and fun. This rare emotion is usually accompanied by two things; extremely loud screaming and a major case of the goose bumps. Hold on tight, it is always one hell of a ride!

What gives you goose bumps?

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definatly marriage and first love

I clicked this hoping to read horror stories. Not what I what I expected

3 is what I always feel. Don't forget the wood cracking sound and fork stretching on plates

Oh lol it cuz I just got this thing but I am starting to do some thing

When i have to hold my poop for few minutes i experience goose bumps... Lol

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