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7 Weird Experiments Even Wes Craven Wouldn't Have Thought of ...

By A.J.

Unless you're a fan of Doctor Who or The Outer Limits, you probably haven't heard of too many mad scientist experiments that would go beyond the boundaries of what regular, moral human beings could imagine; but rest assured they exist, and there are a lot of them. So let's explore some of these weird experiments that even horror movies would seek to stay away from.

1 Remote Control Bull Fighting

There have been many questionable and downright weird experiments in history conducted on animals. The experiment conducted by Jose M.R. Delgado in the 1960s was one of the strangest and most dangerous. Delgado implanted two electrodes into the brain of a bull, then proceeded to taunt him with a red scarf from a not so safe distance. With a remote device, he caused a small electric current that instantly calmed the bull before it could reach him.

2 Hanging Studies

Nicolas Minovici's hanging studies in 1905 were some of the most extreme, thorough and chilling studies on hanging executions anyone had ever made. Not only did Minovici categorize his results based on types of ropes and knots and the physical characteristics of the victims, but he and some of his colleagues tried the experience themselves... no less than 12 times.

3 Heartbeat before Death

Another macabre thing done in the name of science was the “heartbeat before death” experiment. The experiment showed the effect that firing a bullet through the chest would have on the heart. The subject was a man named John Deering who was executed by firing squad in 1938. When the firing order was given, Deering's heartbeat raced up to 180 BPM. It took about 15.4 seconds before his heart would fully stop after the first shot.

4 Monkey Head Transplant

In the '70s, neurosurgeon Robert White and his team removed a monkey's head and attached it to a new body. The poor creature survived the surgery and lived a day and a half before dying due to complications from the procedure. As horrible as this seems, it could have been even worse actually, since White stated that it would have been easier, from a surgical point of view, to reattach the head backwards.

5 Was Frankenstein Real?

Luigi Galvani's experiments with electrifying dead frogs in the 1780s have soon led to a series of unusual scientific experiments conducted on human corpses, in the hopes of reviving them. A chilling example was Galvani's animation of an executed convict's corpse. Later experiments in the 19th century are said to have been the inspiration behind Mary Shelley's Frankenstein.

6 Brainwashing and Schizophrenia

Dr. Ewan Cameron believed he had the cure for schizophrenia when he started subjecting his patients (some of which did not even suffer from schizophrenia) to days of forceful listening to audio recordings intended to change their behavior. He even received some funds from the CIA which later backed out of the project, considering it a step in the wrong direction.

7 The Stanford Prison Experiment

The Stanford Prison Experiment lasted only 6 days but showed incredible results. Citizens with no criminal background volunteered to play the role of guards and prisoners, and after only 36 hours, four of them had left due to the harshness of the created environment. Things got out of hand, as the guards quickly began abusing their power, and even the professor who was in charge of the experiment started having paranoid fears that his prisoners might be staging a breakout.

So here they are: a few of the weirdest experiments that you probably didn't want to know existed. How do you feel about the morality factor linked to some of these?


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